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Hello I just wondered if anyone else is feeling as I do . I had a stroke just over a year ago and I thought I was making reasonable progress ( I’m 78 by the way) but just recently my neck seems to have got stiff and my joints seem to have fluid build up making them very stiff and quite numb. Which means my walkings is not too brilliant again.Just wondered if it will get better . Trying to get to see a doctor but they are really interested.I havent seen a Stroke specialist since I left hospital! Anyone got any suggestions please ?

Hello MollyB, have you tried to contact your local Physiotherapy Department? They might have some ideas.

@MollyB there could be many readons gor fluid build up. I know its difficult to get appointments but I think you need to see your GP.

I also am in my seventies, it is a year since my stroke.
I was on a blood pressure medication that is quite common.
A frequent side effect is swelling due to fluid build up. Like you it caused mobility problems for me. We might only be experiencing similar symptoms but with a different cause. I had not been walking though I was home from the hospital. I complained about this to practice nurses and the doctor but they weren’t keen to listen to me.
I was offered the same drug with a different brand name, which didn’t help at all.
Unwilling to give up in my crusade I told them I intended to stop taking this medication. This I did, my blood pressure went up a bit, but the swelling started to subside. After more discussion, with me insisting they would have to try me on something different I got a change of drug. The swelling has now subsided and three months ago I began to increase my mobility. I can now walk around with a stick a big improvement from earlier when I was bed, wheelchair and housebound. Yesterday on the anniversary of one year after stroke I went outside and with the aid of a rollator was able to walk about a bit.
I think I am seen as a maverick who refuses the drugs administered to help him, but to be honest I think I am making progress. I think this forum is a good place to find information, it is always good to ask too.
Sometimes we need to insist that we get what we want, just passively asking is not enough.

Picture taken yesterday, one year anniversary of stroke.

Keep on keepin’ on
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@Bobbi seeing the picture of you outside has cheered me up. I bet it felt great to get out the house. You’re doing so well.

In your words…keep on keeping on :grin::grin:


just like the hospital socks
keep on keepin’ on
put the kettle on for another brew

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The Stoke Association gave me some great leaflets and information. You could ask them. I could give you a number for them in the West Midlands.


Thats wonderful you are getting out hope your recovery has stepped up a few notches now. Thank you for your advice to me I did advenually get to see my GP and she has refered me back to the physio so hopefully I might progress again insted of regress!

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That is good to hear. The help I got from physiotherapy was good and I am still practising the different techniques they taught me 4 years later.

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Good to see you on your feet @Bobbi

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Hello Mrs5K I did finally get to see a cardiologists and am now awaiting an appointment to have some stents done… So hoping this does the trick as at the moment the more I walk or exercise the stiffer and tighter I become which is sooo frustrating!!! Thank you for your reply and hope you are keeping well

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Hope you don’t have too long to wait for your appointment xx