Who can help us?

Our Dad has had four strokes in 11 weeks, the fourth stroke was four hours ago.

Dad is 90, Mum is 87. They live in their own home.
On each occasion they have not rung 999 despite medical professionals (now involved) and family repeating the importance of acting fast.

After each stroke Dad has been admitted to hospital then discharged a number of days later.

Mum is fit and well and is his main carer…what do we do?

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I think you need to contact the hospital or your GP and ask to be put in touch with your local community stroke team. You can then ask for help with the solutions you need. The hospital did this for me when I was dischaged and the community stroke team contacted me.

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Thank you…my sister and I will follow your advice.

Your comments are appreciated.

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Hi @Lmm26 and welcome to the forum, I’m sorry to hear about your dad, how are you all coping. I agree with @Strings that you are better talking with the medical professions. Your dad is a good age, was he as fit and well as your mum prior to his strokes?

There is also the Stroke Association Helpline you can call for advice
0303 3033 100
Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 1 pm
Sunday: Closed

As stroke survivors, we are all aware of how Strokes affect the carers too. Take care of your mum, as this must be a distressing time for her, and will be taking a lot out of her both mentally and physically.

And take good care of yourself too, we are all here to help in any way we can.


@Lmm26 This must be exhausting and mentally draing for you there is help out there and I’m sure your get the support you need,
But remember your own wellbeing is extremely important also!
Stress and Anxiety are extremely Dangerous you be careful.

Thank you for your comments. Dad has been a very healthy, active man all his life. Non smoker, non drinker, small build. Keen gardener, decorator and woodworker. He has a warm, friendly, chatty personality, his memory is amazing.

The recent four strokes have left him with all those wonderful “ social skills” intact. His vision and mobility have been badly affected.

Seeing him this morning at 10.00.

(My brother arrives from Australia on Friday x)

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Thank you very much for helpline number …I will ring them after my visit to Dad.

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Hi, so sorry to hear of your Dad’s strokes. Welcome to this forum, we are a merry band of stroke survivors of varying ages and all very different types of stroke, there are also some carers on here. Adult Social Care would be my first port of call, Age UK would also be a good call and as others have already said the Stroke Association helpline could be helpful. Keep an eye on your Mum too.
Being a carer is tough, physically and emotionally and she will need your support.

I wish you all well and hope that you find some help and support soon. Take care of yourself and feel free to jump on here if you need help or advice.
Regards Sue

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He does sound like a lovely man and I pray for a good recovery for him.
All stroke are different, though do have basic fundamental traits and recovery time is dependent both on the disruptions/damage to the brain and the individual’s determination to fight.

I won’t lie, there is a lot to be regained in the first 6mths. But after that it’s more of the neuroplasticity that is the brain’s adaptions/retraining; and that journey is going to be long one. It’s going to require a lot of rehabilitation physio to get walking again. It requires a healthy well balanced diet; a lot of rest, particularly in those first 6mths and exercise, even if it’s just chair exercise. But you will know more about what you can hope for from your dad once you’ve spoken more with his health care professionals.

@Lmm26 just popping by to say hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your dad has had so many strokes in such a short time.

Everyone has already said most of the places you can contact. You could try Headway too or Adult Social Services.

Look after yourself too. It’s as hard for the loved ones as it is the survivor.
Hope your dad goes on ok.

Best wishes


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Hello @Lmm26
I’m obviously late to the thread but wanted to add my welcome and sorry youve had cause to join us.

I endorse everything said above especially the need to recognise stroke affects the whole family so your mum & everybody else needs support; whenever and whatever is available!

As a forum we are beginning to put together what might be helpful in a central place you can find it here


You have my love and light.