Which side of bed to sleep with right side paralysis?

Hi all, my 79year old Dad had a severe stroke 18 months ago and has very little use of his right arm and hand and limited use of his right leg though he can walk independently for short distances, very slowly.
Last week he and my mum stayed at a hotel and he fell out of bed, I think the bed was higher than their one at home. It got us wondering whether there’s a better side of bed for him to be on given right side paralysis, though he seems to be managing the bed at home fine.
He can only say yes and no and not consistently, and can’t write, so it’s difficult to get his view on it so thought it would be worth canvassing opinion by others who may have experienced the same thing.

I fell out of bed a couple of times in the first two years of recovery. You can get a bed guard from the health authority. My partner and Ithought the best solution to be separate beds, but you might not think this suitable. Another solution is to put the bed against the wall and for dad to sleep the wall side.

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Hi, I have left sided paralysis and I always sleep on the right side of the.bed. That way if I get hot in the night at least I can kick the covers off with my good leg. I always slept on the right side of the bed before my stroke, so maybe that’s why I feel more comfortable on that side ??

Regards Sue


Thanks Sue, I’d not thought about being able to kick the covers off, that’s really helpful. Thanks!

Thanks John, I think in the future we may look at bed rails.