? Where to find out about the research activities of the Stroke Association

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Could you signpost any terms of reference/ charter / mission & governance info covering the SA activity in the research field please. Also where sponsored research is published accessible to us :slight_smile: thnx

There are topics that frequently arise in our discussions and I’m fairly sure that as a community we would have interest in knowing what research has been conducted (beyond those lists on page 59 of the report & accounts) with what results or could be influenced to be conducted such as:

  • Central post stroke pain

  • The efficacy of, necessity for, and potential scandal in prescribing of statins

  • The possibility of migraine symptoms being a precursor to strokes

where do we look for how that research transitions into effective interventions benefiting us ?

Also of interest is I gather the stroke association spends approximately 2.5 million a year on research and 8 million a year on fundraising, 8m on influence and awareness (report an accounts page 120)

Would you know where to find further analysis of those figures (beyond the notes to accounts on pages 136 et.seq. ?

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Just looking at the titles of the entries in the Research Project section, I can find only one item on pain of any sort since 2018.

Given pain is such a widespread outcome with stroke, that seems surprising given how many people may benefit from further research ?

Central Post Stroke Pain can impact up to 8-12% of those with a stroke, it leads to cognitive and memory decline and can significantly impair regained movement. Self harm and worse are not uncommon. As many as 80% will not respond to medication. There is no known cure and it appears there is a complete absence of any information to guide on living with the condition in the short, medium or long term. This latter item and a more formal review of all available research studies on most effective medications would seem ideal for a university student or similar to take forward.


Good questions, and interesting to see the breakdown of expenditure Simon. :+1: Hopefully it will stimulate a conversation! :crossed_fingers:t3:
Much of recent stroke research seems to come out of China…… one study in particular (which is too much of a challenge for my stroke vision, and my medical knowledge, to absorb in detail) points to the interactions of brain/gut in stroke patients, both in cause and effect. Can be read here : https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0753332222014159

Keep us posted on the research quest.

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Are there any updates to the questions posed here ?
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