Where do people live what are

i live in somerset :aland_islands: :grinning: :slightly_smiling_face: :kissing_closed_eyes:

Hi Trica3 , Folks who use this site come from all over the place, Do you have a local Stroke support group ? Don’t know how you’d go about contacting survivors in your area. Some of us live in remote locations which is a bind particularly if you can’t drive. Try phoning the Stroke Association, they have a ‘Hear for You’ service and maybe they may have someone in Somerset or neighbouring county who could give you a ring and put you in touch with somebody in your area. Keep posting here something may crop up. Pds

i meant so anyone can converse on the phone , thanks

Hi That has come up before here !and I don’t know how that works lots of folks would benefit if they could be put in touch with other survivors in their vicinity. Try Googling ‘ support groups in my region.’ Often when posting or reading on this site you have no idea where folks are. When I came out of hospital anxiety and depression kicked in so phoned the Stroke Association Helpline ‘ Here For You’ they get someone to talk to you for a few weeks until things settle down. Used that service twice and it helped me until I got back on rails. Hope this helps Pds


Hi @tricia3

I’ve been matched with someone and we are starting weekly calls tomorrow.

The contact details are:
Or call 0207 566 1540


The contact details are:

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i tried to ring but she said ring the helpline

not got anywhere with it

Sorry to hear that - hopefully you were given the number but if not:

0303 3033 100 or email helpline@stroke.org.uk


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i have done it now thanks

Just to add to this, you can search for stroke support groups by postcode on the Stroke Association website.

It will only include groups that work with the Stroke Association, but I thought I’d share in case it helps. :blush:

thanks i was trrying to send email, but cos of hand i cant write it verywell

hi i feel isolated today, booked for the water theraphy, but cant go as noone to take me the commutity bus is full, hubby not going out, so will have to miss it even though i have paid

Hi Tricia, I recently went to my doctors for various’small issues” which when taken together were really depressing me. He was very helpful and sympathetic and and (I think it was his intervention) I received a call from the SA who wanted to talk to me. We agreed I would be contacted by an SS volunteer. I’ve had 3 calls from her now, a lovely lady called Sue. We talk about my week and then I ask about hers. We swap experiences and we have lots of similarities. There are lots of laughs and it’s great to have someone Ho listens and understands
I had the stroke in Jan 2019 and have no visible signs so strangers don’t realise. I went straight back into living my life and friends and family never knew what I was going through in my head. Fatigue is my biggest issue and through this forum I now recognise this and have just explained to my immediate family how this has impacted my life. I’m also thinking there has been some personality changes. I am not ‘me’.
Sue’s calls have helped me tremendously. They have given me the courage to open up to my family as well. I couldn’t/didn’t talk to my husband about things because I didn’t realise that the stroke was the reason for it all. I feel in a much better place now and more able to cope. I might get back to my old self but who knows meanwhile I’m trying to live my best life. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the problems that SS deal with in their daily lives and I feel very lucky not to have any physical issues but I didn’t realise or accept at first that my life would be changed. There is help out there from your doctor and the SA, ask for it. Also use this wonderful forum. I read it regularly and always learn something new that I can relate to.
I’ve always wanted to put this story in writing but never plucked up the courage until now
Sorry for the long post. Rose xx

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its nice to converse with someone, i wrote about experence in hospital, not had any one ring yet perhaps i aught to jog them.where do you live

It does take a while as they like to match you with somebody who has similar experiences that they think will be the best support.

Hi Rose , poss similar, my stroke July 2019 . Aged 61 , Still , Terrible fatigue , bed every day 2 or hours . How does it effect you. My wife so understanding & supportive. Good talking David.

the stroke organiser rang to arange it

are you rep[lying to me, i get tired, but i am not rose but pat i am a little bit older than you, 75 i do get tired, my stroke was three months ago and am still moblie, but it ifected right hand and leg, apetite isnt that good.

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