When to return to work?

So i had my stroke last thrusday september 19th.  I had just got a new job (full time, NHS psychological services) and would have been due to start the beginning of novermber.  I have just got the conditional offer letter to confirm i want the job and so they can check medical records references etc.  I am in a quadry.  I really want the job - I have been bascially wanting this type of job for 20 years and finally everything has landed right and then I go and get a stroke.  Obvioulsy I will expalin the situation monday and ask them if they are preprared to take a chance I will be mainly recovered in 4/5 weeks.  The stroke hasnt effected me phyically, it was limited to the brocas area so they are some lanuguage difficults and short term memory issues but I am getting better everday and having speech therapy. 

So my question is, am I kinding my self that I could be ready to start a new job in 4/5 weeks time? Is there anyone with a more limited damage stroke managed to do this that you know of?

Those who suffer a transient stroke (TIA or mini stroke) will often be recovered in that sort of time scale. But those of us with a "full stroke" are unlikely to retur to work for a long time.

However, no two strokes are the same and maybe you are the exception to the average and you might be OK.

I think you are amazing, being able to even think about working at this early stage. Your body will tell you a lot.

Good luck


Hello, congratulations on landing your ideal job!! Will you be ready to start... so difficult to answer. I had my stroke 6 months ago. Didn’t affect me physically and a good 80% of the time I’m really good now. Fatigue still hits me from nowhere though and I generally get a day a week where I have to take it slow. I’m lucky (in my opinion as was on my terms). I’m a teacher and really struggle with noise so I took voluntary redundancy from September as I can’t yet do the job I was doing. I’m now arranging my own phased return, volunteering in my daughters school for 1 hour a week. When I can cope with that without tiredness afterwards I’ll build up to a morning. I’m hoping to be ready to return to either supply teaching or taking a contract as HLTA before my redundancy pay runs out. That will mean I’ve given myself 12 months. I know I am better in the mornings than afternoons so I’m looking for hours that will fit with this.

Take time to find out what the underlying affects have been for you, may be minimal or may end up with tiredness. Listen to your occupational health advisor too, mine have been fab! Take all help offered I even if you don’t feel you need it at the moment. Most of all, stay optimistic!! Focus on all the positives no matter how small. It has a huge impact on recovery. And good luck xx

I was an HGV driver before my shut down in May 2019. I lost my licence for the coming year, so returning to work is not an option at the moment and because of my age unlikely as I have to sit a medical next year as part of an annual check an unlikely now to pass that, as Colin said no 2 strokes are the same and it does not matter how fit you were before your stroke, its how your brain and body react now that will determine how your feeling, take lots of rest while you can and am sure that will go a long way to helping,

We're all wishing you well on that 

Deep breath and keep padding ?

Thank you for your replies and encouragement!  I'm seeing the speech therapist tommorow and will get her assessment of me and then will ring the new employee and go from there.  Its impossible to tell isnt it how we will feel in a months time!