I have been using wheelchairs for 25 years now. I am disabled and receive PIPs and now I have had 2 TIA’s It caused me to think about the issue how someone might cope with the prospect of using a wheelchair (manual or electric). Firstly if you disability is going to be for more than 26 weeks you might be eligible for PIPs it costs nothing to apply for this and if you do get it, that money can make a lot of difference to a persons life.

I write this on the basis that you may be entitled to PIPS but the entitlement meant to get a wheel chair funded by the NHS is not dependent on Pips. If your GP recommends that you need an electric wheelchair due to the issue that you cannot self propel your self in a manual wheelchair due to say weak wrist or grip. If the GP recommends an electric wheelchair he arranges for an assessment at the wheelchair service in your area which can take up to 32 weeks wait. But they will assess your needs. One size does not fit all. I for example have a very large wheelchair made in Holland and sold to the UK. It has a special cushion again it was assessed to be a need to save sore patches. Second hand buys do not see the needs of the person who ends up with it so it is risky to buy a used item. However my vehicle was second hand as new the wheelchair WAV cost new nearly £30,000 I did not want to go down the lease route with high deposit and have to hand it back in 5 years. Unlike a car or WAV a wheelchair. A wheelchair needs to fit the personal needs of the user and be able to have arm rests and controller moved to enable the user to control them. Plus the arm rests have to be altered if the user is being positioned using a ceiling sling to be loaded in the wheelchair as I have to do every day. Every wheelchair has to be 100% Correct fit for the user. Contact me if you need help or advice and I will try and point you in the right direction.