Wheelchair advice needed

We were loaned a transit wheelchair which has 3 problems. It’s hard to push for my arthritic spine, has no brakes on the handles, and my husband can’t move around without me shoving him around everywhere. He is bored stiff not being able to move in the house and I am struggling to push him round outside. I have to go out with him as he’s severely sight impaired,. This means he can’t be let out by himself in case he decimates the rest of the local population. Can anyone recommend a suitable setup, or even a large wheeled powered chair with attendant controls. It has to be lightweight as I will have to lift it up about 1 metre to get it in the van if we go long journeys.



if he can stand
try a rollator

I also left hospital chair-bound in the same way. I eventually bought a rollator for about £50.
I was able to stand but had little to no walking ability.
I could describe further if this sounds as if it might be useful.
It did get me started and give some much needed independence.

All this is an ongoing experience. I have gained a little use of my weak side and am now considering whether a self propelled wheel chair would be practical, possible and/or useful.

maybe you should fix flashing lights and a siren to your husband, before anything else, just for the safety of others, of course.

I do know about that boredom thing - it is one of my good excuses when I get about causing mayhem. Mayhem is one of my favourite pastimes.

It is also a good idea to be aware that mobility does tend to mean occasion tumbles, falls and bruises. No pain no gain. Well worth stripping off the over protectiveness that surrounds one though.

It is now almost two years since I was struck. I am in my seventies. It is two or three weeks since I last ended on the floor. It is becoming an increasingly rare occurrence. I feel I still have a way to go yet.

See what others have to say, ask questions, join us, as we support one another. We all have something to add.

Don’t wait for someone with a magic wand to come along and put it all right for you. I can guarantee that with effort you will make gains. Above all be kind to yourself and to the others around you.

merry christmas
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Hi @Shelbo
If you tap the magnifying glass icon at the top right and enter wheelchair or powered wheelchair or electrical wheelchair you’ll get plenty of hits, EG 28 for electrical and three for “lightweight wheelchair”

They are a combination of experience with and recommendations

Your local physiotherapy department and also adult social services will have an opinion. You’ll probably have a local supplier of mobility aids who will know how to allocate your pip payments advisedly .

The challenges include that lightweight means self propelled and electrically propelled means batteries equals heavy

A search with a magnifying glass means you’ll probably find more discussion than you will get replies to this particular post as people have come and gone from the forum over the years


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You dont say whether you are looking to buy or rent something, or what you’re prepared to pay. Your local mobility shop might be able to assist.
I needed a little folding scooter that I could lift into my car with one hand and plumped for an eFoldi, which weighs 17 kilos (15 without the battery). they also do an electric wheelchair that is the same weight.
Have you considered a winch for the boot? There are companies that will fit reconditioned ones for much less than brand new ones.
Just a couple of thoughts. I’m sure others on this site will have more suggestions.


Thank you, I’ll try that.

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