I have been to the job centre to get formal advise if my work thinks I cannot work safely as a carer.  Pip because I can walk with a stick can cook, dress myself apart from socks lol. Can handle money take my meds and follow a routine  points 2 points needed 8. So that's out UC out because my wife who works a carer 33 hours Min wage earns too much so that's out. I can get ESA stamp based for one year then it's means tested and yes my wife earns too much. How can 33 hours on Min pay be earning too much to get help. Was working 45 years on low pay worth it it makes you think. Rant over have a good day

Hi des that is shocking sometimes you wonder why you work at all ,just claim benefits like loads of people do ,I'm hoping to return to work in September just hope I can do it because listening to your story we wouldn't get any help and we still have a mortgage to pay ..pippy 

You get SSP for 6 months in total and if you paid stamp ESAfor one year after that it's either pip or nothing if you partner work. It just makes me mad as somenever work and get  quite a lot. All well on we go all the best des x

Isn't it 2 years NI contribution??


I’m under the impression you can get esa amd be on a low income wage, you can also have PIP if on a wage or esa as it’s not income funded 

Yes is annoying some don't work never worked and get everything handed to them on a plate ?

Yes thanks

Thanks stamp based ESA isonly for one year then it's means tested or so I am told 

Ahh ok, thought it was for two years, and not means tested as it’s from your NI payments, I’m currently receiving ESA as don’t get paid from my works 

It’s only for a year if your not on the support group. No time limit if your in the support group 

That's right but after one year my wife's earning is take. Into account and as such the job centre person says at 290 a week that takes me out of ESA but will check it serif he is right many thanks des x do you have a partner who works if not then you are ok

she’s self employed but currently off due to us having a baby, yeah I’d check as if your in the support group it’s unlimited. Very confusing as Iv never claimed any benefits before. Iv recently claimed for PIP too so il have to see that outcomes 

To right it's confusing if your wife works it make it hard to know which are means tested which are not or might be me being think ?

Hi, I feel your frustration, I work supporting adults with LD. Just coming to the end of SSP. I recognise that my days of working long shifts and coping with challenging behaviours are behind me. ESA is the only thing I can apply for. 

CAB advised I try asking my employer if I could have an admin based post. Which I have stared the process, though they may have to let me go due to my inability carry out the post I have been contracted for (company words)

I have to spend my private pension pot savings first. But only on necessary living. This is my second stoke tia's scattered inbetween... take care.

Sorry to hear this yes it's hard also having a stammer myself I cannot work in the office answering the phone would be a nightmare all the best des

Did you know that you can apply for ESA three months before your SSP ends. As it can take that long to get it. Also online CAB have a help sheet to give your home ntsxas to us to fill in the ESA form. Des

Hello Des, it may not be for you, but I supplement my writing income with keeping bees and selling honey, I also make cider and apple juice, and jams to sell. You could also browse opportunity shops and resell on eBay. I know these don't sound like grand income earners, but they can bridge the gap, and you never know, you may get into it. Also, they are achievable as work from home occupations that aren't as stressful as clocking in and clocking out everyday. Just thought I'd widen the net for you. 

It may be worthwhile, sitting down and having a think about what you could do to earn a decent bit of income within your reach. For instance, I used to go foraging for ceps, and some could fetch £70 a mushroom. That's outside my reach at the moment but I am getting closer to it each month I improve my walking distance. 

Why do you have to spend your pension pot first? If you've paid NI contributions for the last 2 years you can claim contribution based ESA which isn't means tested so it doesn't matter if you have savings. If, following assessment, you're placed in the support group your benefit continues indefinitely, again irrespective of any savings. If you're not placed in the support group they expect, and will assist you, to find suitable work and your ESA ends after 12 months. I expect, although can't say for certain, that you will then claim job seekers (as that's what y ou're doing).

Thanks worth thinking about

Am in the same boat as you Pippy. Mortgage to pay and aiming to go back to work in Nov. A colleague has offered to pick me up so at least I can get there, but am worried how I will cope. Unsure I can do the same job. Will have to wait and see