What to do with limp?

Hello, my name is Marina Chkhikvadze(translate as Jayson ![wink|23x23](upload://cLqcegfeV2mU4fjxJz83bBjvNbX.png "wink")) Im from Georgia, Tbilisi. After the stroke, 9 month left, even though I limp on my left leg and knee pains of the same leg. The doctor said that it takes time to fully recover. I am interested in your opinion, what to do besides walking and walking in the park with a dog?


Hi Marina, I see no one has replied to you. I do not know how you fare in Georgia for physiotherapy, but the internet should have any number of exercises to improve leg muscles after stroke. I wish you well.

Hi Marina, sorry to hear that you suffered a stroke.  There are a lot of supportive stroke survivors on this site who will give you advice, or suggest best ways to get help with your recovery.  

Keep exercising, it's important to keep telling your limbs what they need to do.  Hopefully you will be able to find an exercise class, maybe you can find this information from your hospital.  The stroke services in Britain are sometimes a lottery, but really hope that you will find something to help you.

Your English is good, and we look forward to hearing from you on this site.  It's good to have friends who understand, and their will always be someone to help you.

Take good care xx