What random things?

Morning everyone I am 2years 4 months post stroke . I am used to my left leg and left arm . Working every day on them . I’ve accepted these weaknesses . But it’s random symptoms that annoy me
1 I get hiccups a lot and I mean a lot
2When I get dressed My big toe sticks up and I struggle to get my shoe on and it rubs when I first start walking
3 my clonus is still really bad when I first get out of bed.
4 my teeth are more sensitive and sometimes feel numb .
5 still don’t enjoy food like I used to
I’m not moaning just curious wat annoys u my recovery is still going well and still hopeful I will walk unaided one day and be able to reach out with my left arm and hand .


I’m almost 2yrs post stroke. And I still have to be careful swallowing because that frequently has me coughing and sputtering. And I’ve had a permanent tickle at the back of my throat. And they are my most annoying issues.

I have the same issue as you with the big toe sticking up but don’t have a problem with it rubbing. It does make it awkard getting socks on as I wear toe socks…like gloves with with fingers.

Foot drop is another one, thats still a work in progress.

Oh yes, and food is just a source of nourishment…not a pleasure anymore.

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Thankyou for ur reply emerald eyes good to know it’s not just me . I’ve lost 3 stone since my stroke and eat because I know I have to .


Three years on , yes a lot of food has lost its appeal . Favourite foods lack something. Was advised to say when asked about stroke symptoms just say somethings missing and leave it at that, otherwise you’ll waste valuable energy trying to explain the unexplainable. But so many things are missing after stroke. Quality nourishing food required to keep us healthy. But Stilton now and again an enjoyable treat


Have you tried Stitchelton - It’s made to the traditional Stilton recipe using unpasteurized milk - when Stilton became an EU designated geographical term and started using pasteurised milk.

Long clawston, Colston Bassett et al is not true to the heritage. Stitchelton is but because it’s unpasteurized and slightly out of the geographic area has to use a different name

I definitely agree the occasional bit of cheese is a treat alongside the above I’d suggest a bit of Comte from France, taleggio from Italy,… Oooh my mouth is watering now :slight_smile:


What I don’t like about the random things is how they cause anxiety.

Also I’m not sure but I think that when I get anxiety caused from other sources it then triggers physical symptoms which start a vicious circle . There has been a primary source for anxiety recently.

In the last few days I’ve been having a lot of spacey not quite dizzy feelings which go along with mild nausea, sometimes a sharp pain in the back of my neck…

While these are new they are Just one example incidents which share a history of coming and going across the last 3 years.

What I really hate is never knowing whether I should take them to the medical centre…
[who Have erected very very effective barriers to access. It is now impossible to phone them an automated message directs you to a website and then cut off and the website is unnavigable ]

should I just live with them because they’ll probably go away on their own in time. But if I get that wrong will it have the same impact as the stroke that put me in hospital had?

I think the cold of winter has it tightens up muscles contributes and maybe also the lack of vitamin D etc

Thanks for asking

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@christine2 stroke does seem to leave random issues that can be irritating.

I too have the food issue & am now 4 1/2 stone lighter. I eat because I have to but get no enjoyment from it.

I have drop foot so my toes point down. I regularly catch them on things & you’ll often find me squealing as a result.

I’m sure you’ll continue to make progress & get back to walking unaided.

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Yes, I lost 2 stone I couldn’t really afford to lose, I’ve managed to put it back on now, but I still have to watch myself.

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