What people say? ?!

Hi all,

I've read other S.S's tales of what people say regarding stroke recovery.  It's been my turn today.  Deep joy! 

A member of the local council review team came to see my husband and ask about his care package. Which I thought is a good thing especially as we are paying for the carers.

 After a period of time she asked about me and said I'd had a full recovery.  7 months post my stroke I've achieved a lot with hard work and support. But  she made it sound like I'd got over a cold.  I've still got an awful along way to go. 

Lucky for she left soon after or she might have discovered a Welsh dragon living in Eastbourne. 

Remembered what my mother used to say " if you can't say anything nice don't say anything " 

I was disappointed in her because although not a Healthcare professional I would have expected better from her. 




Dear Kay

I do despair. It is so hard to live in the real world, others just have no concept do they.

Only another SS understands. I have tried stating I have brain damage. I try to explain I am never going to recover. I will improve and become a new person, never will I be the person I was pre stroke. Its not all bad. I like doing jobs that are stress free. I am a chartered accountant and pre stroke i specialized in tax and pensions. Stress land extreme. Now I do a little voluntary job but mainly I make tea and coffee and wait on tables at the village church. That is rewarding.

Keep at it Kay. Smile lots. Be positive. Think of what you can do and not what you can not. Love the thought of dragons in Eastbourne.


Too kind! I will keep smiling;  as they say it makes people wonder what you're doing! !!! ????

????? dragon feet prints seen around Eastbourne this afternoon 


I think some of the people who have responsibility for visiting and providing services for SSs, should be made to spend a day reading some real experiences of stroke recovery.  They need to acquire good quality information so that they can avoid the pitfalls that the 'general public' might make in terms of inappropriate and unhelpful comments.  

However ... until I had to face this situation, I had no idea what to think, expect etc.  I genuinely thought that one day my husband would feel normal and everything would be ticketty-boo.  It has been the result of reading posts on this site, that has helped me to realise the ripples in the pond effects of stroke.  But it's pretty unforgiveable of medical professionals to hand out glib comments. 

(Not sure if that makes sense, I'm too sleepy to think straight ?)


... there be dragons ?

As usual very eloquent.  It's fab to to hear the adjustments you've made to your thinking to support your husband.  It makes you an inspiration to non-S.S's . Especially when you remember that you're doing this while coming to terms with such devastating changes to your life as well as your husbands. ???

Night! Night! xx

Very cute dragon!