What me and polars want to protest about - Post Stroke Support & Awareness

I don’t care what you protest about. If it means something to you - good. do it.

But please don’t hurt others on the way.

I protest from the sofa about climate change and polar bears yet I fly on planes and have a massive carbon footprint regardless of how much money I give to the WWF or Polar Bears International (PBI) or the RNIB or CRUK or the SA.

I am passionate about many things and I try but I can do a limited amount.

Please do what you wish. No judgement. I can get onboard almost any cause if you truly believe it.

BUT I will put all my energy now into protesting against people who have have been affected by STROKE being alone or afraid. Because it is not fair and that is why WE do this.

I further protest against the fact that there is not more public awareness about after stroke - yes FAST sure. Great. - but what about @Shelbo ???

Does she give up? NO?

Can she cope by herself? NO. - but she has to.

I have personally affected @j.p.mac @ashleyhk38 and @sarsienic and for that I am so so sorry.

They are my bestest of best friends and they tried - really tried - may the great polar bear in the sky bless them they tried.

But really didn’t know I was doing it and they certainly had no idea that I was about to unleash the full force of Kieran’s brain injury on them directly. In retrospect I understand that I was unreasonable - but so what? In my stroke mind everything I did was right even though I lost literally 10 days of my life that culminated in a seizure and that was not fun. but so what.


What about the years and years sometimes of struggle - well we ‘may’ get some indication that we will recover but who says to you about the effort and emotional impact.

I thank each and every user on here and @CommunityAdmin for being supportive of each other because I for one need all of you so thank you again.

I want to do and will do whatever I can to make more people understand ‘stroke brain’.

World stroke day on 29/10/2023 peeps pls.

Thank you for listening.

Kieran and Polars grrrrrrr


Well said, Kieran + Polars
We have it tough,
But we appreciate life more fully than ever before

ciao, Roland


:clap: :clap: Well said and thank you on behalf of all of us on this forum.

Keep on keeping on everyone.

Regards Sue


Dear All I love films.

The Shining on BBC2 at 23.05 BST. great film

K :polar_bear: :wink:


Jack Nicholson in his mad as a box of frogs mode!


But not quite as mad as me :polar_bear: :wink: :rofl:


Is there anyone as mad as you? :thinking::rofl::rofl: