What kind of stroke that causes head and eye trouble

As I have said before I had my stroke nearly four years ago and since then have had terrible trouble with my head and double vision. Nobody seems to know what kind of stroke it was. I am affected with everything I do. My husband has to do most of  the housework. I cannot explain what it feels like but my balance is awful. The only pleasure we have is a short walk down a lane. I make myself go as I know it does me good but I dont feel right at all as my balance is not good and my head and eyes feel very strange. I dont enjoy goi ng to far in the car as a passenger  It makes my head feel worse.I have got a Mini in the garage which I cant drive at the moment. Sorry to have gone on but it would be lovely if anybody can give me some advice. Norma.

Norma, Stroke affects us all in different ways and we have to find our own strategies for coping. I went to Active Seniors exercise classes and these helped enormously with strength and balance. These classes stopped when Lockdown began and I can't wait for them to resume because I know I have gone backward a bit.

I walk twice a day with a stick, but my walking ability varies. I have good days and not so good days. I find it helps to focus the mind on walking and nothing else. If I get distracted I get more wobbly. However, I'm fine in a car. As for the eyes, perhaps you could be referred to your local hospital for an eye examination to see exactly what the Stroke has done to your vision.

I had the double vision for 3 and a half years but las week it went and I have been under the QE for it for the last 2 years.  have got an appointment in April and then I will be sorted out I hope.  I am hopingthat the head will follow and improve it hasnt yet but I suppose its early days. Thanks for your reply. Norma Jean.

Hi Norma .I found using Nordic Poles when walking helped improve my balance enormously also before lockdown I was doing Tai Chi twice a week which is great for balance.  

All the best