What is Aphasia?

Following an Ischaemic stroke in 2019 I have learned to live with restricted movement and accepting help from my partner. I realise things could be a lot worse and I am happy that I no longer use a wheelchair and that my so called “grown up” children think it’s hilarious as I stumble round with my walking frame, but my concern is speech and writing ability. My hobbies include military history and I pride myself on remembering dates and names, so why when relating an historical event recently, Hannibal crossed the Alps in 1914 on a Banana, WHAT !!! And recently while doing a crossword I tried to write the entire word in the first square, Is this Aphasia ? Help Jerry.


Hi @Jerry

Well you’ve taken the lid off multiple cans of worms :slight_smile:

The idea of Aphasia and Dyspraxia and Dyslexia and Dyscalculia and a bucket load of other similarly named conditions relate to the receiving, processing, storing and outputting abilities in all of meaning/ cognition/ comprehension, representation by language, numeracy, chronology/ sequencing and any other relevant topic you can think of like Aphantasia or attributing colour to emotions (synesthesia) and that’s before you get to feeling emotions…

Strictly aphasia is an umbrella covering a whole bunch of language processing sub conditions


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You might find this interesting to watch, When the Words went Away, a Stroke Association documentary on Stroke Survivors with Aphasia … When the Words went Away


Tom runs the monthly face to face stroke cafe in the next village over from me :slight_smile:


It could well be aphasia. The video recommended by Rups is worth a watch. I guess like everything with stroke it’s just practice, practice, practice & time that will help. Good luck.


Hi Simon many thanks for the information. Regards Jerry.

Thanks Bobbi, I will try my very best. Jerry.

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Many thanks Tom it may be quite a trek though. Jerry.

Hi Rups, many thanks for that, I shall look it up, Jerry

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Thankyou I will have a look. Regards Jerry

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