What happens after second stroke?

Hello Second Strokers, I'm new to all this! I'm 68 and had my first stroke in September 2020 and my second in November 2020. Both strokes were quite minor and I'm improving with physio and have lost a stone in weight so far. I'm just waiting for an echocardiogram and 72 hour heart monitor to check for AF etc. My big concern is that there's been no change in my meds i.e. clopidogrel and atorvastatin - I feel very at risk, Clopidogrel didn't stop me having a second stroke, why would it stop me having a third one? Some people on here have mentioned changes in meds after second stroke. I'd love to hear more detail? I have already felt  reassured by hearing about people who've had second stroke and are still going strong. Can't find much on Dr Google! I know I should concentrate on rehab and the positives and I do most of the time, but you know how it is...                                      Thanks