What do you do for work?

How did you all cope with going back to work? I’m office based and work at a computer all day - looking to go back but work from home first

@RaksP i returned to work this week on a phased return initially working 3 hrs a day 3 days a week. I am office based (mainly) & work at a computer. It’s only my first week but i’ve found it harder than i thought it would be (i knew it would be tough). I am working from home at mo too. Hopefully it will be better next week as my head will hopefully be more in work mode. I’ve been napping in the afternoons as i have been very tired.

I would advise having an occupational health referral done which will look at any adjustments you might need. Regular breaks, pacing yourself are a must i think.


How long were you off work for?

I have been off almost 16 months. That’s part of the reason I think it was hard as my brain hasn’t been in work mode for a long time.

Good morning,

I work in IT and have a mixture of hands-on and workstation work. Before I had my TIA I would alternate office and home days. During my phased return I’ve had more days at home.

My TIA occurred just before New Year 2022. After a week in hospital, I was discharged on 6th Jan - and told to rest for a month. My phased return started on 6th Feb. I was keen to get going again but hadn’t been given any medical guidance - so where my boss suggested 2 hours/day at first, I just doubled that because I’m me :wink:

Seriously, first week I just worked from home. For the next 3, I would venture into the office one day/week. And for the last 3, I’ve gone in two days/week. In April I’m going to step this up again to my alternating days.

Hours wise, whether at home or the office, 4 worked for me but was enough. At first I’d need a sleep during the day. I work 30 miles away and a c. 45 min journey. Even with increasing my hours, office days I’d keep lower at first because the driving part had to be factored in. It really shows you how much brains have to work!

Long post, sorry, but hopefully some good info for you. And happy to give more tips!



Thanks for your reply. If you don’t mind me asking did you have any residual effects after your TIA? I am still having to use a walking stick as have limited mobility in my left leg

Bar fatigue - which is a rite of passage for most - my speech was hit with a smidge of emotion chip disruption.

My TIA had started with waking up not being able to speak. But that rapidly improved within 24-48 hours and now just have minor stumbling - with some slurring when tired. I was told emotions could be topsy-turvy but thought nothing of it. That was until I started getting upset whilst watching Apollo 13! All good now but when I laugh, it sounds and feels different - as if not my own.

No other issues. And for you, I take it you have the support you need so far?


Yeah I still live with my elderly parents so they have been helping a lot. I really hope going back to work brings back some normality as I have been off work for 4 months.

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Do you mind me asking how your work supported you through that time?

Did they pay you anything at all? Or did they just keep the role open?

@MortimerJazz welcome to the forum. We have quite a comprehensive absence policy. I was on full pay for 5 months then half pay for 5 months then nil pay. Once statutory sick pay was exhausted i was able to claim contribution based ESA which i think was at 28 week point. My employer has kept in touch whilst I’ve been off. I’ve had a number of absence meetings where we’ve discussed what I felt I could cope with & i have also had a number of occupational health referrals done. Those referrals recommended adjustments which have been implemented enabling me to try a return to work. I have been lucky as I know some employers wouldn’t keep a job open that long.