What can I do to help my husband?

My husband had a stroke three days ago.  He has completely lost his speech and he can't swallow properly.  He's being fed through a nose tube.  He's currently in a surgical wards although they keep saying he'll be moved to a rehab ward when a bed becomes available.  Unfortunately they are getting a lot of emergency cases and so my husband is not having any rehab at all.  Is there anything I can do to help him when I go and visit?   It's so frustrating and upsetting seeing him struggle to make himself understood.  He managed to get a few sounds out yesterday.  If no-one else can help is there anything I can in the way of rehabilitation?  The nurses are always so busy.


Relax, after three days it is still very, very early.

The Brain can spontaneously recover in the first few weeks: even a little recovery can bring a lot of hope for the future.

Rehabilitation is important but if your husband is still in an acute setting, that is no bad thing. It was a month before I got to a rehabilitation unit but, if it had been sooner, I would probably be dead now.

I developed double pneumonia because of my poor swallow (and half paralysis). With great care I survived it - the teams in an acute/sub-acute setting are more experienced at dealing with the complications that can arise after a stroke.

It’s natural for you to want your husband to be on a fast-track to recovery but this is a very long journey that you have both just begun.

Take care now, both of you.



Thank you.  He's now in the rehab ward.

Hi Agility, how is your husband getting on? and you?