What are you entitled to benefit wise


My dad won't be eligible for attendance allowance as he has savings but we have been told he can claim pip is there anything else he can claim I'm pretty sure he will be registered disabled as the stroke has affected his eyesight quite badly any info you may have would be greatly appreciated xx 

Benefits depend on age. The Stroke Association will help you on this and will visit and help with claims. Attendance Allowance is for those over 65 and, so far as I know, is not related to savings.

Attendance Allowance is not means tested. AA and PIP are age-related. PIP if you are under 65; AA if you are over 65.The main difference is AA has no mobility component. If you get PIP you can continue to receive it after you get to 65. There are lots of sites which tell you what your dad can claim, or try Citizens Advice or Age UK.


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