What a week!

This week has been jam packed with things to do.  I had an appointment with the orthotics dept to have insole put into my shoes on Wednesday. 

Thursday an appointment with the Occupational health physio to formally assess my capability to return to work. Taking over 2 hours with written, verbal and practical assessments. Whilst checking BP and heart rate. I need to wait for the report but she implied that it was very positive. This morning GP to discuss driving and first session in the local gym.

After an hour snooze I completed the online notification for the DVLA. I was amazed to receive an email that provided my GP thinks I am safe to drive I can continue to drive while I wait for the DVLA to do their bit. Apparently it can take 10 days for the first letter.  

Fortunately my GP feels I am capable of driving and is happy to complete the paperwork that will be sent from the DVLA. 

My visit to the surgery was the first since my stroke so another achievement.  

A busy week but with a lot of positives. Hooray! 

Glad all is going well for you Kay, to quote a song, "things can only get better "

Too kind! But I believe I have only got here with hard work and lots of support and advice from the contributors to this site.  

Well done Kay...onwards and upwards!


Thank you! 

Admitted it is a long path we walk Kay, but with support and inspiration we get there x

Someone's been busy!!  Brilliant news all round - you deserve a rest this weekend to help recharge your brain and batteries.  Very pleased and excited for you, be proud of your achievements you have demonstrated to yourself that you are a strong and tenacious person - laugh xx

Thank you! You always have an amazing way with words. 

Hope you and your husband have a fab weekend too. ☕?xx

Today I spoke to my insurance company about driving my car in the future.  They have noted my stroke but not changed anything including the price at the moment. Contacted local garage to get car battery charged,  collected this morning hopefully back tomorrow.  Blue badge people emailed haven't turned my application down they are continuing to look at it. Need to send them the documents requested plus cheque for  £10.

Had my first meeting with a clinical psychologist to help me create stategies to cope with becoming tearful.  Especially if it happens when I return to work.  What a day!!! Got such a lot done. Hooray! ??


Whoo hoo!  Go Kay go!  It's a great feeling when you can tick lots of boxes in one go.  I'd definitely be interested to hear what the psychologist says as I have teary moments too.  Just also wanted to say that my insurance company was the same.  They made a note of it and when my renewal came up, it was only an inflation rise by a couple of pounds and nothing to do with my stroke. 

I'm meeting the psychologist on the 12th November will keep you posted. 

Re-stores your faith in people when the insurance company takes such an approach hooray! 

Have a good day! 


Thanks I will! Just got back from the gym so off for some lunch and a coffee now. Hubby working over so it makes it a long day if I stay in. Good luck for the 12th.

Hi Onwardsandupwards,

I saw the psychologist today, as planned. Not sure what to make of the session.  I talked about what I'd done in the intervening two weeks and she just responded with I'd done what she was going to suggest I did at this meeting. 

It was helpful to have someone agree I done the right thing.  I guess.  She did a session at the end of the hour of talking me through a muscle relaxation technique.  Sort of helpful.  Another session in 2 weeks. Maybe I expected the instant fix and us S.S's know that doesn't exist.

Did you get your vit D levels back? Hope they were ok.


Hi Kay- Glad you found the psychologist helpful. Maybe at your next session, she might get a bit more 'intense' if you know what I mean. Not sure intense is the right word but more involved. Instant fixes would be fantastic wouldn't they? ..if only!  I'm off to the Docs tomorrow as I've got a dead leg and foot at the moment so I'm going to ask about my results then. I've got flippin dentist today. Lost a filling over the weekend and need to get that fixed pronto!  To say I'm like a bear with a sore head is an understatement at the momentangry. Proper fed up!

Poor you! Get better soon x