What a rollercoaster

Well after tia and emergency surgery I thought it’s all great how wrong was I it was very downhill quickly my job in the nhs would not let me go back to the admin side only my old job so I went sick which is completely against what I believe in I have been totally discharged last week and gave my notice in. I sought online counselling from early on which I am so glad of because I have been all over the shop depressed feeling worthless of no value and so on. I now see these voices telling me I am worthless etc are not the truth and leaving my job was actually a blessing I haven’t found my purpose yet and people don’t understand as they say wow you look amazing but sometimes I actually don’t feel great that’s why this group is so very important. The first thing I posted on here was about travel insurance I look back I wasn’t even going on holiday my head was all over the place then I thought I know I will learn to crochet little creatures and do archery oh my goodness I would have been left with wool and bows and arrows in the corner of my lounge :joy: this is not easy but I am learning slowly to be kind to myself think before I do things don’t get upset it’s not worth it thank to everyone that has helped me xx


Speaking out is the hardest part.
I think it will help you find where you are and eventually what comes next.

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smiley: :+1:


It may be cliche, but I think of the old saying “this is the first day of the rest of your life”. A new chapter with blank pages to fill in, but I’m sure a bit scary. It will probably take a lot of thought and planning with help from friends and family. Don’t go it alone, and I wish you the best.


@Jul when the time is right you’ll find what you want to do. No rush. Concentrate on your recovery just now. You’ll know when you’re ready.


I have trouble thinking first these days…or thinking at all before doing something impulsive, like shopping for things I do not need, the dumbest thing I have done is decide since I am not working I finally have time to rearrange my home and decorate it. LOL. I have been very decisive in what I want, and purchased, which is a big change for me, but I have been stupid in the fact that I thought I would be able to hang wallpaper and paint walls and move furniture. I did put it all together and move much of it. But at a danger to myself. I didn’t realize I am not allowed to lift anymore than 10 pounds. oops!!!


Oops @DeAnn you did it and survived which is great. Note to self for next time maybe to get some help :blush: