What a mess

Country going to pot, people renting scared and home owners with mortgages health services gone and us

I think you’re right @Mickyboy
We can only hope something happens to sort it out before its too late.

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Here in the USA people are feeling the same way-- country going to pot–morals-crime- costs of everything going up–1/3 of everyone are late on their energy bill payments,can’t make ends meet, etc. etc. It must be worldwide. We all better do some heavy praying. :anguished: :pray:

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Feeling good tonight as saw a shooting star wow

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Oh wow bet that was amazing.

Well the next general election will be one of the most important instance 1979 and the outcome needs to be right for all of us

Youre right there Des. Whoever leads the countey going forward has a right pickle to sort out