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Does any one Hereknow about ESA and how best to fill it in for a mild stroke which make me fatigued I also have a stammer which is once again mild but can be hard in certai  situation I also have a left hand that due to a bottle almost going though my left hand does not fully work thanks des most advice centres are not doing face to face sessions yet

Hi Des , sorry can't help on that . But I was told approx 1.5 years ago I would entitled to this. Not good with forms & endless research,  my wife then took over ,  so complicated,  being self-employed.  Although money would have been extremely helpful,  we decided could not carry on & stopped claim. Wonder if this poss happens to others ? Just when things hopefully could made more simple in life. At time mostly bed bound, couldn't get out . Twice explained & asked for home visit,  totally ignored, then got letter saying I had not turned up,  at this point admitted defeat & gave up .

Sorry to hear that. That s what they hope people will do. Well I have worked 45 years so if I can get help I will I have paid in for a long time hope all is well des

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David. The Stroke Association will send people out to help with claims and will advise should an appeal be needed.

Des, this might help.


Thanks John , David. 

Thanks yes I have that have also the CAB one where is the questionnaire you have to fill in and it help you to answer each section. The problem is the questionnaire is mainly house related tasks which bears no relationship to the world of work. Having read t all I think I can get 15 points which is enough to get it but most  welfare advice is now non face to face but we can but try.