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Stroke strikes every five minutes in the UK. It can happen to anyone, of any age, at any time.

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My elderly husband had a devastating stroke, and has been in NHS hospital for several weeks. During the last assessment, I was told he’ll need long term care. He may be discharged in a week, go to another hospital where a team will go over his needs, finances, and make a decision. We’ve been married 40 years, I’m 17 years younger and wonder about my own future. He worked hard all these years, paying his taxes, never used the NHS (except with stroke) and never had cause to use our private health insurance. A private nursing home is over £100,000 a year which I can ill afford along with paying household bills. This shouldn’t be about money; it’s care and need which everyone should have a right to with funded NHS Continuing Care instead of taking away all his assets, pension and annuities. He doesn’t deserve wasting away in a nursing home that may go on for years. My husband told me he just wants to die.

Thanks Mahoney for the link and advice. I’ve registered for Power of Attorney, but seems to be taking a long time.

Shall have an excellent Court of Protection solicitor also to guide me through the crucial steps.


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