Hello everyone,

Trust you are doing well? Update and question.

My mum lifted the affected hand for the first time in over 1month, although her speech sounds like gibberish and sounds we sometimes pick a word or two .


Doctors said she should only eat 1100 calories a day which I find ridiculous. She has lost so much and she is currently looking underweight. She seems to be hungry every now and then. Did anyone  go through this?

She is finding it so difficult to defecate and might be constipated. We are only told to give her laxative which isn't working . Any advice ,please.

Lily, as you know, none of us are medical experts. Losing weight can help future well being. It depends really on how much she weighed before the stroke. After my stroke five years ago, I lost a stone in hospital and my muscles deteriorated. The hospital food was fine, although not the sort I would cook at home. What I needed was exercise more than anything else.

I have always been constipated in hospital and have always been given laxatives. In my experience, it takes time after stroke for the bowels to come back to normal. Perhaps it is worth asking the gp what type of laxative might help. Might she need a change of diet. After my stroke I switched to a diet which is one day fish, one day vegetarian, one day meat. The vegetarian days seem to be very good for my bowel.

I'm glad mum is showing signs of recovery. Do remember stroke recovery takes much longer than we think.

Dear John,

Thank you so for your reply. 
I have scheduled a zoom meeting with the doctor. The laxative they are currently giving her is not doing much. I will get more information when I speak to him. 
The past few days , there seems to be a positive improvement. During her physio session today,she was able to shake the affected leg and she sat longer on the bed . We know her recovery is a long road ,we are still grateful for every little progress we see.