Weighted blanket

Has any one used a weighted blanket to help them sleep? I'm waking up with panic attacks and would be inerested to know if anyone has had any experience of one.


Hi, I don't know about weighted blankets to aid sleep, but we've used them a lot in the school where I worked as a special needs teacher.  Some of the restless, wriggly, sensory-needs children, responded positively to the weight, I think they felt comforted.  Some used them on their lap, others liked to wrap them around their shoulders.  So it's worth a try, sometimes you have to persevere with these aids, and experiment to find out what suits you.  There may be people on this site who would also recommend breathing exercises to help you focus and regain your 'calm place'.  

Very good luck, let us know how you get on xx

I get horrid dreams and nightmares. Sometimes they are so bad that they become night terrors. I think its my brain doing the springcleaning of deep memories. 

I always sleep very light indeed. I dont use a duvet. A thin (but warm) quilt and one lightweight cellular blanket. My sleep is better this way, just the opposite of a weighted blanket. My point is that it is best to try these things and you will find helpful alternatives.

I do sometimes have the ultimate weighted blanket, which is my very big cat. I love my cat. But he is far too hot and I have to move away . So he then snuggles alongside, very cute. More often than not he is outdoors for the night, just sometimes inside.