Weepy for no reason

Last few days all i seem to do is cry for no reason i can be watching tv and i start am not worried about anythink and when am tired i try and rest is anyone else like this hope it passes

I’ve been there and I know exactly what you mean. It’s all part of the stroke and it will settle but it takes time. I found it hard to control at first but it does get easier once you realise it’s just a side effect of the stroke you’ve had. I still find I cry at wierd times but usually it’s associated with being tired or having stroke fatigue and emotionality which you will hear about a lot on this site. 

I had my stroke in February (I think) but I do feel I’m making progress although I have had a few wobbles along the way. From the posts others make I think it’s a long journey we are on and have to take it slowly. Yes we’ll have setbacks but we will learn from them. So the next time you’re watching tv or you hear a favourite song on the radio (it always gets me) and you start to cry remind yourself it’s all to do with the stroke and over time it will get better.

Hope this helps.

Hi LynnJenny, 

I know just how you feel. As Mum2two says it does get better. One thing I've learnt to do is to explain to anyone present when I get tearful is nothing is wrong it's just my stroke so please ignore me and it will pass very quickly.

I also take the herbal Kalms very occasionally they give me the peace my mind sometimes needs.  Often in the early hours of the morning. 

Hang in there it gets better! 

Kind Regards


thank you for that it does help i hope it time it does get better

thank kay hopefully in time can laugh about all this crying

Please excuse a male gatecrashing.

I never cried. Im a man, i dont do crying.

Then stroke bit me.

Tears everywhere. 

First was when I made tea for the missus, as a treat being something perhaps I can do. Oh dear, switched the light off whilst carrying small tray. Tea all over the kitchen, Missus favourite "Harrods" mug now in multiple bits. I cried for thirty minutes.


The point is: Stroke smashes around our emotions. And inside our bodies. Plus the paralysis etc that you can see.

I am now 34 months and a funeral and the odd TV program are still not possible. However, the worst of the crying eased away and it gets better every few months.




it is strange just cry for nothing am glad you crying is geting better hope mine will settle down

I'm in my fourth year of recovery. Initially the uncontrollable need for tears was an incredible problem for me. It didn't even require bad news, even good news had the same effect. It is over a year since my last attack but I admit that I have to take pains to avoid situations that could initiate it.

I am still having to take care on what I watch on TV. Anything too deep can backfire on my emotions and I can have a very bad night afterwards.