Weekend comfort

Morning I hope every single one of you have a great positive weekend ,much love pippy?

Thank you pippy I'm going to try and take my dog to the beach in a bit just got to Get up for it it makes his day and takes my mind of things for an hour and hopefully I will be tired so can sleep when I get home 

That's really good rich will be good for both of you hope you both have a great time,I know for sure your dog will love it hope you both have fun ...pippy ...

Thanks pippy we did all of us very tired but enjoyed it hopefully will be able to relax better tonight and sleep a bit how was your day?


That's really good glad you all had a great day ,yeah mine was loverly too my grandaughters 1st birthday had a lil gathering was great getting out ..but feel shattered lol not used to seeing people normally home alone all-day,lazy evening tonight ,have a restful evening ..pippy..

Thanks, been a lazy Saturday. Hope you have a good start to the weekend 

Hi yeah grandaughters first birthday gathering today ,shattered this evening so going to chill watch  TV and rest ,made me realise still getting very fatigued when I exert myself ,so definitely not going back to work anytime soon....glad your days been ok it's been raining here on and off most of the day ..pippy...

Awww happy birthday, beem sunny all day. Yeah fatigue is a mighmage can’t see myself going back to work for at least another 3-6 months 

Aww thankyou she had a loverly day ,spoilt rotton like they all are lol ,no I don't think I will be back for a couple of months yet ...wow so you've had all the sun,where's home for you  ...pippy ...

I live just outside Cardiff, back to rain tomorrow tho ?‍♂️. My daughters 1st birthday was in February and she was also spoilt 

So if you had the sun today only fair we have it tomorrow lol ...we are in Leigh on sea ....aww bless her,it's loverly to see their lil happy excited faces ,and even better being a nanny when it gets too much you can leave it all and go  home ...it's my son's first child so very spoilt.my daughter has 4 and my eldest has 8 ...that's it now they told me ,no more babies ...pippy ...

Thought it was always sunny down your way? Lol keeps you busy tho but bet it’s nice to end them back over . My daughter don’t stop so it’s nive when she’s goes to bed. All tho I’m. It’s far behind her anymore 

Who told you that lol we have had rain most of last week and as for the winds it's been terrible ...yeah loverly handing them back ,they have do much energy ..pippy..

Very good puppy I'm not a cake person but looks delicious


Sounds like a great day I'm not in the mood for lots of people i get  very emotional still luckily my friends are very understanding


Oh blimey I didn't make it I wish I was talented to do so but sadly not ,but it tasted blinking geourgeous lol ..pippy

Yes I know what you mean I have to be in the mood to see people,I saw my two boys today but now I've got a headache and feeling emotional as one of them is having a tough time and I can't help him only be there for him but I'm not always in a good place myself I feel inadequate as a parent since the stroke ...hope your having a good day pippy 

Hi pippy, so so day was ok this morning but really down this afternoon even though the team I support qualified for a champions league spot next year. It's strange how that goes trying to think positive thoughts but sometimes the ,dark ones win just trying to chill now and early night with some good sleep usually the sleeping pills work well and no worrying.



At least your very honest, I think I might have claimed that one lol