Weather in Canary Island

Has anyone seen the devastating news about the erupting volcanos ,it's absolutely shocking ,my heart goes out to them all pippy x

I have watched the news on t v. It is very upsetting. I have spent many happy holidays on all of the islands. I hope everyone is safe. Lilian

Yes we were watching it lastnight as it was happening it sums it up those people who live there and who own holiday businesses there have struggled with people not taking vacations due to covid then this happens it's so sad ,we have had a few holidays there beautiful islands,hope they find the strength in their lives to pull together xpippy 

I hope so too. It has been a hard time for many. I have not seen my daughter and grandchildren for over eighteen months . They live in Dubai and have not been here because of Covid. At least they are safe unlike those in the Canaries. Lilian 

Wow that is awlful for you but like you say they are safe ,and you know they will be able to travel soon ,I sometimes think we should all look around us and be grateful for everything no matter how bad we are feeling as theres always people worse off and for you not being able to hold your family makes me feel sad ,so all try and take the  smallest positive out of each day ,pippy x

Thank you for your reply. We are able to cope with texts and FaceTime online. It's not the same but better than nothing! Luckily we have grandchildren and great grandchildren near to us. We see them often. We always look on the bright side. Lilian

That's good you can chat with them , definitely not the same ,I had a grandaughter born in the first lockdown but didn't see her for ages ,apart from when she was going home from the hospital I was working underneath maternity so my son phoned me when they were leaving so got to see her from a distance ,but wanted to give her a big hug,that's good you have great and grandchildren near you...soon Lilian your be able to hug your family instead of virtual hugs ....good you always look on the bright side the sun's always shining ..pippy x


Thank you for your reply Pippy. It was hard in lockdown, good that you were able to see your new granddaughter. I hope the government relax the regulations on vaccines from the UAE soon! Then I will be able to hug them. Lilian xx

Fingers crossed Lilian xx

Thank you.xx

Yes it's very bad hope all is well with you des

Hi des yeah it's shocking,do feel for them all,yes I'm ok thankyou still on my graduated back to work did 5 hours on Tuesday felt like I'd been run over by a steam roller today so rested up got another 5 hours Friday ,next week I've got 3 days of 5 hours ,I'm going to see how I go and if I struggle I have a plan b in are you getting on,the nights are definstly getting darker,and so quick ...pippy x

We are ok have a back to work interview in about 7 weeks time if I can do 8 to 9 hours a week that's if work that I can do is there I Will be happy ☺️  doing more every day but tgecsame fatguie is there all the best des x

Wish you the best des,..pippy x