Wearing my hat

Putting my flat cap on am I weird

I get pain relief and comfort from putting my flat cap on , the contact to my head makes me feel better, is that a neurological thing or is it me?


Thanks Lorraine it does feel like I’ve been living in the twilight zone since the stroke a return to normalcy would be most welcome one day soon before I’m too old to care and infirmity has taken over

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That thankfully is not today I continue to fight the good fight and battle on

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My hubby lives in his flat cap. I’m sure it’s glued to his head :rofl::rofl:

If it makes you feel better then wear away.

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Fair point it is the contact to my head it calms me and I feel less stroke affected, odd but it works for me, always had one on in th life before.

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Thanks Lorraine I am unique if not weird and people who know me never forget that meeting, not sure if that is good or bad but as my dear mother often said I made my mark and she did


I have had my cap on all the winter and yes it does give comfort but more importantly it keeps me warm when I am trying to cut down on my heating bill!

It’s weird mine is a sensory thing and the tightness of the cap relieves my anxiety and helps with heat los, use a woolly hat for the cold

I think it’s probably a neurological thing. For about 2 years after my stroke I couldn’t wear a bra. The area around my chest was very sensitive and the band irritated my chest. It’s better now. I bet the hat makes the nerves on your head feel protected while they heal. The brain/body is a weird and wonderful mechanism. I could be all wrong, but who knows? :slightly_smiling_face:Jeanne


It makes perfect sense to me and it made me smile :smile:
And heat is good for pain, hence your relief from it…nothing weird about relief from pain :grin:

I’m on your page what ever it takes to get by until something like normal is reached is good but the flat cap is useful in summer time as less heating effect and I can mask my intentions

Mr Fredrickson, Wear your cap with pride! The brain is a wonderful thing and it’s telling you it needs a cap. All the best, Moira

Will wear as it feels better and very driven by coping mechanisms, this one comes into play regularly

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looks pucker mrfred i also wear a hat 50 yrs on the farm wearing next to nothing and now have to wear one all day got a cold side on my face and sparkles in one eye we are trend setters