Weak muscles in tongue

At the age of 46, fit & healthy, I had my stroke, luckily surgery to remove the blood clot on my brain was done quickly so recovered quite well. I find that my speech has been affected, where as I feel I’ve lost power in my speech & build up too much saliva, so I feel if I try to raise my voice I am spitting, has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? Also, if I poke my tongue out, I can’t keep it still, it quivers so I think it’s to do with the muscles?

Hi, I also suffer with a build up of saliva. When I mentioned it to my gp, apparently its called hyper salivation and can be treated with medication, although he also said, that the side effects of which are not great.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Regards Sue

Hi .I too have a build of saliva and I dribble like a baby. I constantly use tissues to wipe my face. I don’t have any answers I am afraid. Lilian

Although I suffered a haemorrhagic stroke, there is cross over with other neurological conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s and they have websites and information which I often find useful. Parkinsons.org.uk have information on “Eating, Swallowing and Saliva control” if you can find it. You can download it as a pdf. Regular swallowing and mouth exercise are part of their approach

Dear Patricia. Thank you for your reply and help. I shall try the site you suggest. Lilian

Sorry you are experiencing these probs too. I am funding its only a problem with me if i try to raise my voice or sing, then I bet paranoid that I am spitting as I talk,the lovely things we have to put up with!! But hey, we are here to tell the story xx

try speaking to your doctor as they recommend physio and speech therapy to help with this. After my third stroke I am suffering swallowing difficulties but the useless doctors and consultants done nothing about it, then 18 months after a visit to hospital because of choking My local A&E reported to the GP who then got his back side in gear and requested for physio on my behalf… but physio were saying its too late after my stroke (almost 2 years) and the physio will not make any difference with my situation! so chase it up as early as possible. I have now changed my diet completely to softer food and certain foods which dont coagulate at back of my throat and are easier to swallow. so chocolates and oat biscuits are a huge No way along with certain breads and fries to name a few!
Neillypoooes X

Sorry to hear you have suffered so many strokes & been left with these problems. Thanks for advise, I have got consultant in Feb so will ask about physio. Take care

I have had similar problems, I had a stroke in May 2020, but I only sufered speech problems from November 2020. I also suffered from excess saliva, I coped with the problem till the Summer of 2021 and then I spoke to the Doctor. I was then enrolled for Speech therapy and given Quells as a prescription for the saliva problem. After 5 speech therapy sessions, my speech is 90% better and the saliva problem is much better. However, if I get tired both problems do get much worse particularly in the Evening. I am still enjoying speech therapy particularly talking aloud.

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Hi Chris - I just came across your post as I was looking for help to combat my saliva and drooling problem, which I have following a diagnosis of dysarthria/dysphasia, and wondered if these are the “Kwells” referred to in this NHS link?


From what you say it sounds worth a try - I assume it’s prescription only??

I’d be interested to know if this treatment still works for you.

It is so good to hear your recovery is doing well.