Weak Muscle

I am 24 years old and I suffered from a stroke 2 months ago. I was involved in a road traffic accident which caused a rip in the artery of my neck and led to a blood clot on my brain. Since recovering I have noticed a weakness on my left side and my body has changed. I have noticed that my left breast has dropped massively and I am unsure if that is due to the stroke causing the pectoral muscles to become weak and not be their original perkier form. I have not received any physio yet to help retrain my left side and was wondering if anyone who has had a stroke has had a similar issue with their breast post stroke and if it gets better. 

Dear Hels

so sorry to learn of the stroke that got you at such an early age.

Many of us suffer, male and female, from a painful shoulder, sometimes called shoulder drop. I escaped that particular issue. However the whole of my keft side has caused problems and my formal diagnosis is "left side weakness". 
Do read through the letter that the hospital would have sent to your GP, it will state the type of stroke etc. if they didnt give you the letter then ask your GP surgery to send you a copy.

some physio etc is highly desirable. Yoga, relaxation classes etc are so good. Maybe the GP surgery has info and the stroke association will certainly have info for the area you live in. Do ask them, they are a mine of support.

things most certainly do get better. You need to work at rehab. Being young you will be better at rehab than many of us


be positive


you are not alone