We are seeking your opinions and views on enteral tube feeding after stroke

Research participation requests are sent to the Stroke Association from external research institutions (e.g. universities and hospitals).

We conduct checks on these before promoting but are not involved in their running. This means we cannot comment on trials and have no affiliation with them.

University of Hertfordshire

Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire are investigating views and opinions on tube-feeding and are interested in hearing about your experience as a patient or carer.

What is the study about?

We would like to explore the opinions and views on tube feeding of adults receiving long-term enteral tube feeding following a stroke and their carers.

You will have received enteral tube feeding if you have needed feeding using a tube that delivers nutrition directly to your stomach or small intestine.

There is currently little information in this area and the findings from this study will help to shape future investigations to support people requiring tube feeding after stroke.

What will it Involve?

You will be asked to take part in one interview which will take place by phone or video call, lasting about 20-60 minutes.

During the interview you will be asked about your experience of receiving tube-feeding or caring for someone who receives tube-feeding and your views and opinions about this.

The researcher will ask a few prepared questions and may then ask follow up questions after listening to your replies.

Who can take part?

Adult patients who have had a stroke and received tube-feeding for more than 2 months at their own home or adult carers who have looked after stroke patients receiving tube-feeding for more than 2 months at their own home.

Participants will need to be based in the UK and able to communicate in English.

How Can I Register my Interest?

If you would like further information, to sign up, or would like to discuss any details personally, please get in touch with me by email at the details below before the end of 1st August 2023.

Dr Angela Madden, Clinical Researcher in Nutrition and Dietetics


Konstantinos Eleftheriadis, Specialist Stroke and Medical Lead Dietitian