watery eyes

Hello everyone,

Can anyone help me with my small problem - since my tia my eyes water much more than they ever used to ( only in the cold weather). Now I find they start to water as soon as I get up and if I'm out on my bike they water constantly like I'm crying. Does anyone else have this problem, and if so howhave you dealt with it?


Hi Sandie

Hope you're ok.

Experiencing watery eyes since your TIA is unusual and it may be worth speaking to your GP about this. Generally, TIA's don't cause any ongoing effects, so you could have a blocked tearduct or something else - I am not medically trained though, so it's best to speak to your GP about this, especially if it's causing you problems.

Take care


I had a stroke in September and my eyes are watery too. They had settled, but I recently got a new pair of glasses (my first pair of varifocals, with photochromic tinting - very posh) and my eyes are streaming. Other than that I think I’m doing well with the glasses and am pleased with them. I have a call into the optician to see if they are concerned, but I’d be interested if anyone else has experienced this