Washed by professionals

The car needed a clean but I felt it too cold fo me to battle on with the pressure washer in to icy wind so we spotted the car was was f empty and drove in minutes later out came a quality clean vehicle

When it warms up I’ll be back at it next Jo will be the hoover out and glass cleaning inside.

Hop you don’t think im getting lazy.

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Of course you’re not being lazy, just sparing you stroke muscles from the cold. You can do yourself as much damage from that when you are trying to manoeuvre with stroke impaired limbs. That’s when you’re likely to put your back out :grimacing:

Yes the last few days have been challenging with the Icey winds.Was told a large ash branch had dropped locally. So once I’d driven motivation imp away. Got togged up. Bowsaw and hand axe and I was away with wheelbarrow. As an old professional gardener got stuck in. Not lost skills of dealing with firewood. One hour return shattered and flipping cold but glowed internally. Long rest coffee and took rest of day off. Tomorrow collect the rest.
A very good distraction to stop grey clouds from collecting.


Wow, that is certainly a good way :smile: And here I left my hubby to chop up the Christmas tree trunk…but I did dispose of the branches :innocent: Although my stroke hand is good, it was never very good at wielding a saw even before the stroke :frowning_face:

Inspirational well done I’m going to finish the job in full tomorrow but will be welll ensconced in my coat and gloves

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Well done :slight_smile:
I’ve taken four fairly large branches of two hornbeams in the last 2 days :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few more to do over the next few days (did the Walnut up a few months ago)

I’ve got a 4-in blade chainsaw - which used to be very good but now overheats quickly
I can use it left-handed and one-handed

Got to chop them up now and season them for a year or so - but I’ve got about a thousand logs stacked now so will be alright for the rest of this year :slight_smile:

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Nice job :slight_smile:
How much did that cost

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Good plan Simon when I had a wood burning stove I had to by ready cut logs in a pallet not cheap these days it’s the gas fire and a higher bill.


I bought 3m³ of loose kiln dried wood - took me 3 days to move the heap off the drive into my homemade log stores one-handed but I have now done it

That was on a month’s delay from order… so I had to buy some stuff to tide me over which came next day but 10 logs to a bag for 10 quid! The red bag below - the yellow bag was £13 and was my previous order but was also a long lead

The loose where £390 for about 1,000 (I didn’t count them i approximated)

I used to burn coal pre stroke But that’s too hard to manage one-handed


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When I saw the headline I really wondered what this would be about :grin::grin:

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