Was it or wasn't it a fit? That, is the question!

Hi everyone,
July 2018 things went wonky for me and I collapsed three times with severe dizziness. I didn’t go to hospital but as I was also experiencing hypertension in back of head and coupled with migraines one after the after for around a week, I went to the doctors. They arranged for me to go and see someone and have an MRI scan. Whilst the doctor said he thought I had a T.I.A. he couldn’t be sure as was left too late (I think I have explained this in forums before). I still have right sided weakness and need a stick to help my balance and sometimes when tired I struggle to get what I mean out of my mouth. Since then I have had two heart attacks (last in April 2021) and was hospitalised for a week for serious asthma). So, for 2022 I had almost made it an entire year without going to hospital. On December 18th I had a tooth removed as an emergency. On Monday 19th I woke up and said to my daughter I didn’t feel right. I woke up on a trolley in a corridor some 5 hours later having lost consciousness (my daughter called for an ambulance). I generally didn’t have a clue what was going or even if I was me. The team from facial maxillo gave me a procedure to remove the rest of the infection (that hurt like mad) plus two lots of I.V. antibiotics. I got out of hospital on the 23rd. The hospital have put on my records that it might have been an infection but could have been a fit as a stroke or bad T.I.A. can cause that years later. This has had the result of getting me down and depressed owing to the nature of how it happened. I was never told this might happen. Since then thankfully, I have had no such similar episodes. I am sorry it’s been a bit of a waffle, trying to put context to this, has anyone ever experienced something similar to this themselves?


@Woolamala you’ve certainly had more than your share of misfortune.

I don’t have personal experience of seizures but I do know it can be quite common after a stroke. I’m not sure how you would find out for sure but may be worth asking your GP as I would have thought a seizure would show up on a scan. I’m not completely sure about that though.

Hopefully it was a one off & you’ll not experience anything like that again.

Best wishes.


@Pontwander Hi Al, thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t sure about the scan.

Hopefully you’ll get your EEG results soon. You’ve definitely not picked the right time to need the NHS.

Best wishes

Ann x

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@Woolamala hello I have had two seizures, both resulted in hospital visits. after CT scans each time they never showed up, speak with your neurologist if you have one, if not ask GP to refer you to one. seizures are common with strokes

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Thank you so much for your reply and the link :slight_smile: This makes sense to me. I definitely had a loss of ability and most of my senses. Even my sight was like trying to focus on dots. I did have a CAT scan however, because it didn’t show anything significant it was left at that. I have recently moved to Wales from Torbay (that hospital knew me very well). At Torbay I used to have MRI scans as well. Here, just a CAT scan. More worryingly the hospital told my daughter they couldn’t get my notes as that was in England :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Anyway, reading about your situation, that must be so frustrating for you and I hope they get to the cause soon. Again, thank you :sunglasses:

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Hi all, thank you for your replies and making me feel ‘human’ rather than an anomaly. It doesn’t help that this is the first call to 999 since we have moved to Wales. Nearest hospital is 16 miles away. The hospital told my daughter they couldn’t get my records from my previous hospital in Torbay (for whatever reason) and initially they thought I was putting it on. Even the following day I felt disorientated. The only time 999 has ever been called is when my daughter knows it’s serious and I have always ended up in hospital with something wrong. For the first time I actually feel scared if I need to go to hospital again :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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