Hi just wondered how we are all coping with our energy bills with winter fast approaching us and we cost living issues been what they are and for those of us who are not working on benefits how you are coping worrying about heating your home as been warm is important factor and staying warm when recovering from a stroke I have not put my heating on yet and really worried about doing so in keeping up with the cost of it and I am sure there must be more of you out there feeling the same as me now I have here’d of new social centres or in some cases local churches in different communities pooping up as warm banks places were people who are having trouble and can’t cope with heating their homes over the winter months can o into these centres been used as warm banks there are activities going on at same time that you might want to join in with so I thought I might check out on line we’re there is places for people pop into in my local area and if anyone feels they want check out any places in their own area we could then put them up on line so anyone who was having concerns in worrying about heating their home over winter period they could check these places out and visit and have some place keep warm for period of time during the day which could help to keep the cost of their energy bills down and help with worry of this as we know worry or stress is not good for our recovery after stroke anyway just thought I leave that with you all see what you think

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Hi well just had look around on this and it appears there is no current warm banks buildings in East Sussex but local councils are looking into it also local charities are trying to provide extra blankets for people who need them and electric blankets to but there are so cites already running warm bank buildings for people to go use to keep warm in London plus Bristol and Birmingham in Scotland there is Edinburgh plus Glasgow also Gateshead but it seems there are more loc councils looking into to this situation so just need to keep eye on it and if get more information then can post it if that’s ok with admin if anyone else here anything their area then please let us know I am sure there are quite few of you out who like me are concern with heating your home this winter so if there is something that is there to help in anyway would be good for us all as recovering from stroke is keeping warm and avoiding stress in anyway we can hope this might help someone if they are concerned about this take care everyone keep safe and keep warm

@Kaz61 i know they are opening up one of the churches in Shropshire as a warm bank. The idea seems to have been well received.

St Andrew’s in Shifnal, Shropshire, would open from 10:00 to 16:00 on week days for at least four months from November.

I think we’re all concerned about the rising cost of everything & keeping warm is a must. I did concede & put my heating on a week ago. I dod hear on the weather forecast that we might get a warm end to October which im sure we’d all appreciate.

It seems like a good idea for local organisations to to offer community areas but I would have to take in to consideration the following factors:

  • How would I get there on a cold winter day? Going out in the cold is not good for me and any snow, ice or strong wind would make it dangerous. If I go in a taxi that would cost more than putting some heat on.
  • Covid and flu are expected to be in circulation over the winter and even though I am fully vaccinated I would still be worried about how busy these places could be (social distancing)

Personally I think I will stick with my plan A and to beef up on the extra layers when indoors. I tend to go out only for strictly necessary trips such as shopping or appointments and I have already budgeted for those trips by taxi.

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Thank you for that information Mrs5K mush appreciated and yes that’s good news if weather is going to be on warm side for end of October the fact that some communities and local councils are opening these centres called warm banks will be life line for lots of people not only stroke survivors but older people who are struggling like lot of us and worrying about heating their homes and trying to stay warm on top of trying to mange to feed themselves appropriately to so if there is some place for them to go we only give them some kind peace of mind we all need to try stay warm since my stroke I suffer more with cold especially to effected side of my body my left hand and foot get extremely cold but I guess I am not the only one suffering with these issues but if we can find information like this for people who living in these areas let them know there is place we’re they can go and keep warm and stay safe for few hours in day saving them on their heating and it helps then I will try find out to pass that information on to anyone on forum here and once again thank for information you gave to help with this

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Thank you for thoughts on this Sunnyday much appreciate and totally understand what you saying yes that all as to be taken in to consideration no one wants to go out in bad weather as could even have bad fall and yes if you can’t drive or don’t have vehicle and would need to get taxi it’s going to cost money which is already limited so it’s no go plus Covid is still issue so yes I agree it’s not going to be viable for everyone but if it can help anyone then let’s just put information out there and if it helps then that’s all good we all have to make own decision in end what ever is best for each individual but you take care stay warm and stay safe

Kaz. Our electric bill is subsidised till next March and we fixed our gas price till next July. We do have our central heating on, but changed the controls to make it come on half an hour later and go off half an hour earlier. I believe you get an extra payment if you’re on any disability benefit and pensioners are due to get a higher winter energy payment award soon. Our house retains heat quite well and we have led lightbulbs. We do not use the oven much but have a microwave, a slow cooker and a Remoska from Lakeland. The Remoska can cook a whole meal for very little energy usage, my stroke side feels the cold,so I need to stay warm. We now use the tumble drier much less and finish off drying clothes indoors if need be.

Hi John Jeff and Maynard sounds you got everything covered thank you for you kind response glad you are doing well sounds intriguing what you call that cooking appliance Rambuska sorry spelt it wrong but never here’d of it is it some kind of halogen cooker I have air fry which use lot save on energy from using electric oven try limit my use of tumble fry to hang up clothes over bath in bathroom only use washing machine once a week to my partner is in process of putting in fire stove in front room so we can use smokeless coal to heat room and downstairs are to save on putting central heating so we are trying as best we can to save on energy cost but it’s going to be hard winter for many out there including people from stroke community who might be using this form like ourselves so I thought maybe find out some information to help in anyway might something I could do glad to see you are all sorted and you stay warm and safe this winter all best Kaz61

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All good tips @John_Jeff_Maynard

Kaz, it’s a mini oven. Expensive to buy, but very cheap on electricity.

Hi thank you for that kind information I check out take care stay safe Kaz61