Warm feeling in legs

I’m 11 days post stoke and keep getting this warm trickling feeling down my left leg is this normal my leg usually throbs and feels heavy since the stroke but I’ve noticed this new sensation past 2/3 days


It’s abnormal to know exactly what is normal post stroke, there will be similar feelings and sensations, as well as corresponding symptoms to the type of stroke one has and where in the brain it has struck, and each of our brains will have its own unique set of communication problems, the result being specific to that individual. At the same time, I can vouch from my own experience that early on, my entire central nervous system was flickering on and off with spasms, shakes, pains, aches, throbs, hypnic jerks, lightning strikes to my eyes, heaviness, and three years later I still have some of these revisiting to tempt me back into anxiety. I recall once looking at my upper thigh, and it was throbbing and looked like the blood was pulsing heavily and visibly through a vein, but it wasn’t. It was my brain misfiring at a muscle and causing it to throb and pulse as if it had a mind of its own.

Eleven days is fresh out of the frying pan and, indeed, also the fire, and the brain is trying to calibrate itself around tripped synapses. This is an immensely buggy operation and there is no quick and easy patch to get body and brain working together as before. The brain also gets fatigued very quickly, so it stands to reason that it will misfire also when it is low in juice, on top of trying to correct its correlation with all the functions it needs in order to maintain a working body. I learned, through Mindfulness, to observe the odd and disconcerting sensations, noting patterns so it made more sense from a rewiring point of view as opposed to worrying I had acquired further conditions.


Yes it’s hard to define what is “normal” after a stroke.
For me, that leg heaviness turned out to be a symptom of being low in folic acid. That was only found out some months after the stroke in a routine blood test I have once a year. A 2wk course of prescribed folic acid seemed to clear that up and helped immensely with my fatigue (though not eliminated it completely).

Or it could also be low iron in the blood. It might be worth talking to your doctor and getting a blood test for any deficiencies. How is your diet in general, do you also have the food tasting foul issue that tends to be another post stroke side effect, though that is usually short term.

This is why it’s always good to see your doctor whenever there’s a new symptom, regardless of what is said on here, because you may be suffering needlessly for want of a simple fix :wink:


I’m already b12 defficient and have anemia which I have injection and tablets for. My diet is good and yes I do have the foul tasting symptom I can’t even drink tea or coffee anymore


That could be your reason then, but do check these symptom with your doctor before accepting it’s just a stroke side effect. I know just how hard it is to eat and drink with it all tasting so foul but you just have to persevere 'til it abates, and it will. Just don’t try to avoid food as it is very vital to brain’s recovery. The first 6mths are when you see the most recovery, after that it slows down but doesn’t stop. But the B vitamins are vital food for the brain so plenty of fish, meats, poultry, eggs, milk, leafy greens are all crucial to brain recovery :wink:


I too had the warm feeling in my leg after my stroke. It came on randomly and just felt like my leg was warming from the inside. I can’t remember how long it took before it stopped but it did go away. Then i had a TIA & it came back again but 6 months on has mainly setyled again.

I never got it checked out as it was probably low on my priority list at the time.