Walnuts as an aid to liver function and heart health

I have been looking for a food which I like and helps my liver operate and clean itself,

The answer was walnuts, I eat them daily no more than 10 lovely nibble and plan no salt or sugar may add garlic as well


And wet walnuts are so much nicer than supermarket or ones - wet walnuts means ones that haven’t been roasted. When they’re roasted it makes them bitter.

We have a walnut tree in the garden i planted nearly 30 years ago and it now crops heavily most years. Although this year we have gained a squirrel so it’s raining walnut husk at the moment
I fear we will have no harvest from the walnut or the hazelnut tree!

I used to do a reasonable amount of work in Tbilisi, Georgia. One of the staples of their cuisine is walnut sauce I always liked walnut sauce


@mrfrederickson They are full of Omega 3 fatty acids and excellent for the brain as are Pecans.
My downfall though?? Maple Walnut Ice Cream…lol.


Good call Outlander, my wife is going to make a coffee and walnut cake so more than a little over excited.


I once had a tree too your comment has made me decide to plant one in my last garden


They’re not self-fertile however having said that we only have one tree now the other one died 25 years ago so there must be another either walnut or compatible pollinator somewhere around . I haven’t seen one in the village though

The other thing to remember is that the jugulan toxin or similar name is not good for other plants or fish in pods near by so where the leaves fall and where the roots run will effect plantings

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We had a ring of Black Walnut trees around the back of my old property. Black walnut pie used to be popular. Care was taken as juice can be toxic.
Black walnut hulls are also toxic to fish. In fact, Native Americans would toss the hulls into a body of water to stun the fish, making them easy to catch. Black walnut hulls are also used in several industries.
Black walnut wood is lovely. I made a chest out of it.