Just walked into the local garden centre with my good lady purchased some heather, herb seeds and vegetable seedlings, walked out paid for it and got to the car without any major fuss. My fello SS at the stroke Association meeting yesterday inspired me, my wife was proud of me so a win all round


Well done - we like to hear good news.

Brilliant, welldone you. It’s so up lifting to read a good positive post. Keep up the good work :clap:

Regards Sue

My visit to the monthly stroke association meetin. In Halifax inspired me as one of my felllow survivors is planning on a walk from top to bottom of the uk over 1200 miles nothing by comparison but very inspirational

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Well done @mrfrederickson thats a great achievement. So glad you got some inspiration from the stroke group you attended.

Thanks always got a lot from seeing the survivors rather than the medical community who are never good at recovering stroke survivors and hold to short timescales only yield recovery when we all know it can take years to get sufficiently recovered.


Feeling it today, will test my leg to get back it’s stamina apart from that it was good all round


@mrfrederickson that’s brilliant

It helps to see people who have got back their lives jobs driving,etc, even if you feel you are not getting back to a well state others are so it boosts hope which in most cases is all we have.


Keep on keepin’ on
:smiley: :+1:

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You’ve got love a trier :smile: Well done and keep it up :clap:
Oh there is hope without a doubt and so much more if you want it badly enough. The more you keep on pushing forward, the more you want to achieve; onwards and upwards @mrfrederickson Never give it up!

The want is there, just need to see some outcomes from the body

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Yes hope is all we have as it flies in the face of slow progress and we are inspired by it to keep pushing

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