Walking stick free

I have moved from a quad stick to single cane after2 years even though my physio insists that she wants quality not proof I can get along without one hopefully in the year we are in I can improve enough to traverse from all my rooms without a stick at all then to conquer the outside

It’s all out there


Well done @mrfrederickson hopefully the quality will come in time.

It would be so much better if the left side pain and weakness would disappear

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Yes and no, the pain is not subsiding any time soon soot could be a long Timmy stroke was severe so I am betting it will be a long slow recovery with many setbacks and frequent tears unfortunately

Reading others recovery updates I’m at the beginning of this marathon, would be good if I can walk stick free in and out of every room in our downstairs, and walk in and out of the front door

That’s great mrfrederickson! That’s the way I did it–Walker to quad to single cane, to no cane–took a while but I kept at it. It’s the only way!. :slightly_smiling_face:Jeanne

Thanks Jeanne, it seems to be a common pattern but is now part of my goals and plan

Very Well Done
Isn’t it what suits you not the pt/ot ?

Well done you. That was the path my recovery took as well. 6 years along the recovery road, I now poodle about indoors without my stick, although not brave enough to do that outside.

Keep up the good work

Regards Sue

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Thanks for confirming your recovery path and not something widely documented even here to explain how some of us enjoy a near normal life once again, great news and congratulations on your progress to date

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Good for you, you will get there. Moira