Walking improves

Surprised myself.
Had blood tests at the health centre, walked in with stick
Decidedl to visit the farm shop, walked in and bought some beef for Christmas, totally knackered but very surprised at getting in and out of both places withou a sit down. The car seat did feel good when it was over


Thanks the beef was a backup in case the turkey situation gets worse, hopefully I will walk in there recovered next time rather than a tottering idiot with a stick looking like I could fall at any moment

Hi, Well done. Great achievement. We are eating out with family on Saturday night to celebrate our youngest Daughter’s 30th birthday. We are meeting in a pub beforehand to have a few drinks before we walk to the restaurant. I’ve been researching to make sure that I can make it without any dramas. I’ve checked it out on Goggle Maps to make sure it’s walkable for me. Checked out the restaurant for accessibility, toilets etc. All looking good, just hope its not raining !!

Regards Sue


Thanks you are right to plan it gives you more peace of mind ands better experience.
Look forward to your updates

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Excellent progress. Keep walking a little more each day.

@mrfrederickson well done, that’s a great achievement. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the beef all the more as a result.

Absolutely Jeff, felt a bit awkward trying to get my card out to pay whilst keeping my stick from falling or my legs giving way when stood at the till, awfully glad to get to the car and sit down, at least I am more aware of my limits, my walking was not too bad both gait and Ollie through with my legs slllowinbetter coverage and pace

That’s the way it goes–a little bit at a time–and then very tired. But you’ll get stronger and do better every day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Jeanne

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Well done you sir wow! Excellent that you coped without a sit down, until it was all over yay!

Brilliant job @mrfrederickson - well done at your achievement!
Regards Bert

Planning is key, not good to go somewhere and then gave an expected un welcome surprise obstacle

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Well done good to hear. I have had multiple TIAs and a mild stroke end of Oct so very early stages for me. I went out with the wife holding my arm for a 400 meter walk and like you was knackered , got home and slept for 2 hours. Still feels odd walking.
Hope you have a great Christmas, keep up the good work.
One thing I did find helpful was to plan your day with rest periods built in.