Walking groups using poles etc (for balance)

Be lovely if I could learn established walking groups who have started to use walking poles to aid in dizziness recovery as well as health aspects. Thoughts?

I walk with a stick. I think the reason some people use walking poles is that it doesn’t make them look disabled. It’s worth checking out dizziness with your gp. I use a stick out of doors but not in the house. I also walk carefully these days and focus on looking down at my feet. If ai feel unsteady, I stop for a minute before moving on.

Hi John
Thanks for reply. In fact GP suggested trying but seeking some personal advice ref early approaches. Great to hear you’re finding good benefit there :+1:. Well done

Actually I’m envisaging folks calling me Eddie the Eagle :joy:

Dizziness and unsteadyness are big issues for me. I always use 2 sticks and I also have a rollator. My rollator is a quite recent purchase and I have found it a great help when I go out. It gives me more confidence than 2 sticks and also has a good seat on it so that I can sit down if I start to feel too wobbly. My rollator is the same as Capt Tom Moore had when he did his fundraising walk.

I walk with a stick most of the time but quite recently I started to lean to my right side (my good side) when walking and my physiotherapist at the time suggested using a pole instead which means you have to walk more up right, which helped for a while. I have since returned to using a stick but alternate between the 2 if I feel I’m starting to lean to the right again.
Regards Sue