Walking frame arrived today

I just took delivery of a walking frame. I’m hoping this will be another step forward.
First it was getting out of the confines of that bed. (though I do admit to jumping back in for an hour every now and then)
From the bed I moved to the wheelchair, which meant I could move further and experience more. One thing was being able to sit at my laptop exchanging pleasant words with other members of this forum. It is an important part of my day. I have stood up and walked a few paces with physio support but independence had not arrived.
With this walking frame I can strike out alone. Struggling around in the house with the wheelchair will be a thing of the past. I received strict instructions to leave walking until a physio came to oversee my first steps.
I’m telling you but trusting you not to tell my wife, she’ll lock my frame away if she gets wind of what’s been happening. You can’t take delivery of an item like this and not try it out, can you?
So I put the walking implement in front of my wheel chair and stood up. Carefully I walked with the frame out of the room towards the kitchen. About half way I had a little wobble, after all I was only part way there and I would then have to turn around and get all the way back. Its okay for you on here who walk miles in day, I’m starting to learn to walk all over again. Anyway I did get to the kitchen but I had to make an effort to stand as my bottom kept gently trying to sit down.
I gave it a strict talking to and slowly and carefull made my way back to the wheelchair and my starting point.
I have to admit that was tiring but I’m pleased I could do it. Now you must understand, my wife must hear nothing about this. I’m trusting you.


My lips are sealed :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:
Good on you giving it a go. I suspect they want you to wait for physio so you don’t walk in a way that could cause other problems (back problems for example.
Sounds like you’ll be racing up & down the road before you know it.

She, my significant half, appears to know. Maybe I’ve been talking in my sleep again, or perhaps its just she knows me too well. Anyway the upshot is that she hasn’t locked it away, so all’s good.
I will heed all your sensible advice, as I always do of course, at least as best I am able and as circumstances allow.
I’m not aiming at receiving one of life’s ‘lessons’. Though I never am, the blighters just sneak up on me.
Have a nice day. Bob

Hi Bob, Similar, Monday am , first time out with new walker . Worcester Woods coffee shop , highly recommended. My wife pulls car into disabled space. Literally 500 yards, sit outside, great bacon sarnie. FREEDOM! Against my wife’s concern, thought , could walk another level, 500 yards, before home . WRONG, pretty much bed ,for 3 days. Yes it was worth it . :grin: David.

Dear Bobble I loved your account of your first attempt with your walking frame What kind is it? You have a good sense of humour and I am sure you will soon be walking independently. Lilian

Well done. Your next step after mastering the Walker should be a stick. Good luck.

@l_platt My frame is bog standard with no wheels, no bicycle bell either, but it has a sort of caddy basket thing to transport small items.
To the rest of you, thanks for the interesting and amusing stories, the useful hints and tips and the encouragement.

Ok Bob–I Won’t tell. But didn’t it feel good to walk? When the physio comes and begins your rehab, you’ll be on your way. I remember those beginning to walk days. My first trips with the frame were just a few steps. Then after a while I was going around the ward. That was 300 steps. Then I was really tired and had to rest. After I got out of the hospital and was home, I began short mini walks around the patio with the frame. Later, to my nextdoor neighbors. It was wonderful. The whole process takes a lot of time, but it’s, of course, worth it and exciting. In time I could go further and further. So, hang in there. You’ll be surprised what time and effort will bring. Good luck! :smiley: :heart:Jeanne

Morning @Bobbi. Thank you for brightening my start to the day. Enjoy your new found freedom but don’t overdo it. I currently have a pair of black knees from taking a tumble being over confident whilst gardening the other day. I started in a wheelchair, used a frame, 2 sticks, then 1. Now 10 months on I walk miles unaided. We should celebrate our successes👍 Julia

Well done @JuliaH, but sorry to hear about your black knees. As the doctor in hospital said to me after my first ‘fall’, ‘If you continue to make progress this probably won’t be your last.’
Here’s a resounding ‘Hurrah’ for how far we have all got and may the progress be on-going. :smiley:

Hello Bob,
What’s that motto? “He Who Dares Wins”. I did all sorts of things I wasn’t supposed to when I was in HMP NHS. The move from the wheelchair is a big one, so take it slowly until your legs get stronger. Could you maybe have seats strategically placed about your home, just in case you need to sit down en-route to your destination?
Keep up the good work!

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