Walk a mile in my shoes

Couldnt think of another title but its really about walking anyway I had my stroke nearly nine weeks ago now but had a smaller one two weeks ago . Its my right side that has had the problems. Ive posted on here before but just wanted to say that im recovering now. Mentally and physically my life is improving . I can speak a lot easier without the f word popping out as much. I can now put my dishes on the top shelf of my cupboard  without dropping them everywhere . My dinner now usually ends up being eaten by me and not the bin via the floor . The best part of improvement for me is I can now walk half a mile ~{in my shoes}  without falling over . Doing well but still tired at the drop of a hat ,also get down but not as much and my sudden crying seems to have dried up a fair bit. I have had a lot of love and care plus advice ,not just from family and friends ive known most of my life ,but from my ' new family' on Stroke Guide . Thanks to all who have put their tuppence worth in and helped my recovery . Im not a fool and i do realise i still have a lot more ups and downs as i adjust to being the new me . Thanks for reading , onwards and upwards my friends . Tony , ps my punctuation hasnt improved lol

V v well done Tony!  You know how I feel, PLEASE don't overdo things too quickly, and ruin your amazing recovery!  You have learned the hard way, like us all, LOOK AFTER YOURSELF FIRST!!!!  Nice one though!  Peace Carole xxsmiley

Thanks for posting - keep on, keeping on!!  Stay strong, stay safe xx

Thank you for posting! Onward and upward indeed! ?