Vitamin supplements

I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts/experience of taking supplements after stroke. I already take Vitamin D everyday but have been wondering about vitamin B and if it would help with fatigue. I am a vegetarian with a very good diet. Im probably clutching a straws here in my desperate attempt to improve the awful fatigue.


Hi @Ktrean60 i don’t have any experience of it but read that B12 complex was good for brain recovery. Eldest daughter when she was vegetarian used to take vits D&B so it may be beneficial.


Hi @Ktrean60

Two folk you definitely ought to be asking for advice @pando & @clibbers1

While not primary focus of this thread some suggestions and a source get mentioned

This is perhaps the most definitive looking post we have on the topic there is another supplemental Muscle limitations - #17 by pando

I think this will give you some reading that will be food for thought or is that vitamins for fatigue :slight_smile:



I take Vit D in the morning, and Vit B in Liquid form before sleep.
My list of supplements is as follows:
(but I can spot a couple that are missing)

• Acidophilus Extra 4 Nature’s Best (probiotic)
• B Complex Liquid Holland & Barrett (Immune system)
• Vit D3 +K2 Liquid Sachets Zooki (Sunshine Vitamin)
• Vitamin C Liposomal (fast absorption)
• Ubiquinol (energy levels)
• Chromium Nature’s best (blood glucose levels)
• Turmeric (against inflammation & immune system)
• Zinc Liquid Organic Vimergy
• Magnesium Liquid Liposomal
• Vitamin B complex Holland & Barrett
• CBD Oil (neuropathy & peripheral nerves)
• Fish Oil Peak Omega 3 Wiley’s Finest
• Glutathione Liposomal Quicksilver Scientific
• Serotonin Bedtime Gummies Yumi (thus Melatonin)
• Quercetin Now (flavonoid antioxidant)
• Fighter Shots Ginger Turmeric £2.50 each

I hope this provides a starting point… good luck, Roland


Yeah Roland I linked to the previous time you posted the list :slight_smile: maybe that list has the ones you missed?

I think rather than a list which is somewhat overwhelming and meaningless at least to me … What would be helpful is why take these? What benefits? What side effects downside contraindications medication concerns there might be etc etc of course that makes it into a bit of work might not one and that’s quite understanding maybe you can just give some references to the intersnot :wink:

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I also take Chinese herbs twice a day. It would take me all day to explain what each one does. Some, I only take for a few days, then I have an interval before the next intake, like Glutathione, not something one should take all the time.
I’ve left some out that I take for my eyes (I alternate Lutein and Zeaxanthin)
If one looks up Zinc, or Magnesium, it soon becomes clear what role they have. Zinc in the Winter, Mg relaxes muscles.

I think we do need a large amount of supplements after a stroke. It’s clear to me that the folks who are suffering from fatigue should start looking into this list, especially if they are not taking supplements. It is an expensive practice to keep this regime in place, and it’s quite possible your/my gut cannot absorb the whole shebang… in which case, select the most important ones & prioritize

This is my personal list. I’m not here to debate the validity or not of these supplements. I provide the list as a springboard for anyone who wishes to research this. Minerals are depleted from soil and food is depleted of quality ingredients. After a stroke you need to give your body every chance of success, since it is so busy with brain repair.

Probiotics will attempt to recolonize your gut, which contains 10 to the power of 14 bacteria… most of which we have not discovered yet. But if your gut/tummy/bowel movement feels fine then carry on without .

Good luck, Roland


The benefit would arise if your diet was lacking in the item you are taking ?
If it’s not, chances are you already have enough. The vitamin industry is worth loads, benefit if you have a good diet…

Vitamin B12 is found in fish, meat,poultry, eggs, dairy so if you are on a strict veggie diet, you might need some more.

There is the placebo effect of course and if you believe in it, who knows


You may want to check with your dr before adding lots of supplements to your diet. The reason I say this is i was advised to take Vit D but I have another condition which Vit D can make worse so I was taken off it again as my calcium levels, which were already high, increased further.

That’s just my experience others will have had different experiences.

Might be worth getting checked to see if there is another cause for your fatigue that can be treated.


Cod liver oil, on the face of it seems a good thing to take.

“Taking cod liver oil along with medications that lower blood pressure might cause blood pressure to go too low. Monitor your blood pressure closely. Cod liver oil might slow blood clotting. Taking cod liver oil along with medications that also slow blood clotting might increase the risk of bruising and bleeding.”

Pretty much everything needs to be checked against medication interactions. Including things you are prescribed!!!


Aside from being the best brain food, all B vitamins help the body convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose), which is used to produce energy.

A few months after my stroke I had a blood test to check my nutrient levels and they found I was very low on Folic Acid or B9 vitamin.
I was put on a high course daily for 2 weeks and then was to continue with the over the counter strength from there on.
At the time, I was tired and fatigued the same as every other new stroke survivor. That all went for me once I was on this, including the heavy leg syndrome I also experienced.

Personally I feel a good healthy diet is not enough when you are recovering from any major trauma as stroke is. It takes a lot of energy to heal, which is far more than a person can consume each day when in that condition. And that’s even despite how little you can physically do in the early stages post stroke.
Seeing as you are also vegetarian, it might be worth having your blood checked for any deficiencies to see exactly where you might be lacking first. Although it would hurt to try out an over the counter vitamin B complex either, to see if it would help. One thing to bear in mind when taking certain vitamins, some may cause constipation.


Thank you everyone, its a minefield isnt it!! I saw my GP last week (another fruitless trip). My bloods appear to be ok, he said my fatigue is likely due to the stroke and the decompensations I have been having, but no help or answers really. Told me more or less this is how its going to be. Think I will continue taking vitamin D but leave the rest until I have seen Neurology… only another 5 months to wait :confused: if Im lucky!
Does anyone else feel unsupported after their stroke? I was discharged quickly and apart from my co ordinator at my local Stroke Association there is no where to go. GPs dont seem to know much about strokes.


Thank you, I will take a look at these.


90% of us I’d say from the posts that I’ve read

Some stories are horrendous but the norm is a combination of encountering ignorance, disinterest, overwhelmed services, you name it!

GPs are in the main overwhelmed and or generalist signposters to overwhelmed services.

At least you know now you are not alone - cold comfort I suspect :frowning:

There does tend to be very good support & reliable advice from the member of this community though :slight_smile:


Hi Roland @pando
Noticed that you have Turmeric in your daily list of suplements. When I looked into this (as of course it is listed in many places as being good for stroke victims) I found that whilst it is recommended by many if you’ve had a clot/blockage it is stongly discouraged if you’ve had a bleed (except in the very early stages where it can help disperse the “bruise”) as it has many of the same effects as asprin and can actively promute more bleeds (some sources suggest that it can actually cause hemorrhagic strokes). I therefore discounted it from my regime.


Good to know, Rich @llareggub
I have actually stopped turmeric because of the heat to my eye (Chinese medicine), but it has amazing properties. I’d better look into it if I ever resume because I did have a bleed. I used to take it before my stroke to alleviate tinnitus, which is greatly reduced anyway.

Ciao, Roland


I have asked my Biomechanic (yes, I employed a professional to compile my list of supplements; it wasn’t made on a whim) about Turmeric, so be assured a professional reply will emerge soon. The two supplements I omitted are Psyllium Husk (my Chinese herbs used instead to help with bowel movement) and Plant sterol vs cholesterol.

Disclaimer: Remember I am supplying my personal list, only for the purposes of information and wellbeing. I am not responsible for the consequences of using it, and certainly not suggesting anyone take a supplement just because I do.

Ciao, Roland


Taking supplements is a minefield … and I wouldn’t take any based on what someone else takes … as someone else pointed out, the supplements industry is a huge moneymaking thing and not checked the way actual medications are … also some of these supplements will react against any actual meds you are taking … you could also get a blood test to show if you are deficient in anything … but always get advice from your own doctor first …


I regularly take vitamin D and high strength Omega 3 fish oil. I have a well balanced diet, so don’t generally bother with anything else. Acidophilus is great stuff. I always take it away on holidays, to deal with the dreaded “Delhi Belly”. It has the added bonus of being the perfect ingredient for making yoghurt!
None of the above are of benefit for postpost-stroke fatigue though. Mine is slowly decreasing, but when I hit that wall, I accept it and have a quick nap. Drugs (Gabapentin etc) can drastically increase fatigue as well.


I just restarted a very low dose of Gabapentin, just to see if I can handle that small amount. Day 2, struggling to walk, talk, stay aware. This stuff is not for me! I promised to give it another month, so I will but I already suspect it will be gone for good after that unless this Zombie feeling goes away.


Fingers crossed for you :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

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