Vitamin D levels

Hi Everyone,

During my time on the Stroke rehab unit I had shed loads of blood tests.  One of which was my vitamin D levels.  This was found to be so low it was almost un-recordable.

Promptly started on oral vit D. I had my levels checked and they are improving but need to continue to take for a while. 

Now I'm out hospital I looked  up the side effects of low vitamin D levels.  It's much more important than I thought.  The impact is very wide ranging.  Could I be so bold as to suggest we all get our vitamin D levels checked.  Low levels are usually easily corrected with one tablet of vitamin D per day. But the potential improvements to our health could be wide ranging and significant.  

End of soap box moment sorry! 



Well said Kay.

I dont think vit D is part of many blood tests. Like you I had shed loads of tests. In fact the staff were quizzing me as to why all these tests were necessary.

I spend a lot of time outdoors and generally have a good tan. So would expect good vit D levels. Well mine is nil. Zero. Zilch. Could well be part of my endless fatigue.

Doc gave me a few weeks on zillion zg vit D then said take daily dose (10). I have just found 25 zg tablets and I am moving on to them.

Have little idea if this is doing me any good or indeed any harm. But I have to try whatever I can.

best wishes



Hi Colin, 

Just read an article that explains the darker your skin the more protection you have against sun burn and the more difficult it is for you use sunlight to absorb vitamin D. Thought you might be interested. 


I take a vitamin d supplement daily when I take my other drugs an recent bloods tests showed normal levels. It is a good one to have during the dark winter months.

also have a healthy diet, lots of fruit veg and oily fish. 

Keep it up ?


Interesting. I am well tanned from lots of working in the garden (less now that I am disabled) but my Vit D levels were nil. Not low but nil. So I guess I dont retain the vitamin