Visual field test (Driving help please )

Hi everyone

I could write a really long post about the difficulties my husband has had with DVLA.
It appears this is a common theme.

One question I’d really be pleased to hear any answers or advice on is this:

Has anyone failed a visual field test yet still been given the opportunity to do an on road assessment?
And managed to get their licence back?

Many thanks in advance



Hi Kelly my name is Peter i had a stroke in August 2022,I was given the wrong information about getting back to driving as a result i went to driveabitlity .This was the first time i had driven since my stroke and was told to follow ther instructions on a drive.The drive was not very good the examiner said it appeared my spactial awareness was poor and affecting my driving.I had license revoked i then over six months I took a course of driving lessons and applied for my license. I a took test at drive ability with a cognitive test first then the assessment.It was all very stressful but im glad to say I passed and got license back last August.So it took me year to be able to drive again , please try and be positive the department s do try to help but they seem to run very slowly .Peter


Hi Peter

Thank you for your message.
Forgive me, but I’m a little confused how you had driving lessons if your licence was revoked. My understanding is that you have to have a licence in order to take lessons?



Sorry my fault a had to apply for a provisional license to take some refresher lessons,but at first they only issued me a provisional for ONE day, the day of my assessment. I cancelled this assessment and appealed and they eventually gave ma a provisional licence for one month.

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The wheels at the DVLA turn extremely slowly. After two years out of the blue a couple of weeks before Christmas I opened a letter to discover a new valid license. The waiting and requirement to not try to contact them had left me certain that nothing would ever come of my application and subsequent driving assessment.
The assessment team warned me that if it was not safe for me to get behind a wheel then that would be the end of it. They added that if there was a way to make driving safe, by recommended additions and alterations then they weren’t there to stop anyone from driving safely and would encourage it.

Hi Kelly @Kellystableford & welcome to the community.

Many of us have encountered problems with the DVLA & it seems to take forever to get anywhere with them.

I think there is a minimum visual standard that has to be met to ensure safety on the road for all. My visual issues weren’t with my visual field but I know of people whose visual field has improved over time & they have then been able to get their licence back.

Best wishes