Visual field loss

Hi new to group.had a stroke 6 weeks ago 23/7/2019 lost my visual field on the left side.not been told if it will come back anybody had the same and did you get it back many thanks

Hi welcome to the group. I am 2 years post stroke and also have visual field loss. I'm not sure if the vision can return. There are 2 free online therapy websites that I have been using, you may find them helpful, both have been developed by University College London and are sponsored by The Stroke Association.  I'm not sure if they have improved my vision but it's worth of try. Both sites also explain about Hemianopia ( visual search loss)which is helpful.

Read Right

Eye Search


Hope this is useful

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Did you have surgery to deal with the stroke? I had a stroke in March (right side) but had a thrombelectomy and part of the blood clot broke off and went in my left eye reducing my vision I've been told it wont come back. However, if yours was for a different reason I cant really coment.

Hi....really want to cry here today...

Received the email from a website that I have not signed on from long. So I thought let's explore today…. I never knew I will be leaving any replies……

 I had my six months review in which they have discovered my damage is not reversible….

Stroke have left me loose the right vision of both eyes. I dont think so my stroke has affected me the much this news has.....

But for you please keep hope …brain is very intelligent can compensate other parts of brain  to heal and all.

Stay in touch and I wish you all the best.

Lot's of prayers



im new here too. I had a stroke on 20/7/2019 and have also lost some of my visual field on the left side. For me, it’s one of the worst aspects of the stroke. I don’t think the vision can return to normal but I’m hopeful it may improve some how. I’m waiting to be told if I can drive again.


Hi, I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage in April this year, loss of peripheral vision on the left side am due to have another eye test end of October but as that's been 5 months I don't think it's going to come back. Good luck

Hi jones75 I am new to the site saw your post, I too had a stroke resulting in left side Hemonopia, I’m trying to get my license back through exceptional circes, just wondering if you had any luck with this ondering if you had any luck with this x