Very Strange?

Not sure what’s happened but yesterday I received 2 replies to a post I created in December 2022 titled MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY 2023.

Very confused :confused:

I’m not very tech minded, so have no idea how this has happened. Everyone must think I’ve lost the plot, wishing everyone a Happy 2023 at the end of the year :grinning:.




Hi @Susan_Jane
It’s fairly easily explained if you have a bit more tech savvy :slight_smile:

All topics (even the deleted ones) are listed for people to cruise around. Almost all of those topics are unlocked which means that anyone can post a new entry .

It’s very possible that somebody else who doesn’t look at things like the delay since last post came across a Christmas post and thought that’s relevant now I’ll add my two cents worth .

Since you created the topic it will be set to watching status for your user ID. That means anything that happens to it you will be sent an alert. You can manually set the status of any topic or indeed category to watching normal and muted.

Watching means you get everything normal means you get notified if your specifically reply to or named and muted means you get nothing.

The action of adding to an old topic is actually called bumping - It’s variously considered a good and a bad thing by some admins of some forums - I think we’re a bit more relaxed about it :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas to you :slight_smile:

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Hi Simon, thank you for that. I think that makes sense :thinking:.

Thank you for taking the time to reply and explain.

Regards Sue


You are very welcome

Are strokie brains have enough to cope with

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And you will always find the newbies are the more likely ones to reply to old posts without realising how old the post may be. As @SimonInEdinburgh said “we’re more relaxed about it” because we have to make allowances for our stroke brains on this forum :smile: